proud moments

Me man is home! so glad, so relieved, so happy happy happy to have him home safe and sound.

We didn't find out any more results yet, the results that have come in have all been negative and that is obviously good news.

He has to go back down to the Coast in April for a follow up.

Today Faith wrote her name for the first time! I was so excited!! this is the first time she has ever wanted to even TRY to write her name. I was so proud of her! she did a really good job especially since it was her first time. I was relieved cuz she will be starting Kindergarten in Sept and she hadn't even showed any interest in learning how to do it or how to hold a pencil until this morning.

which leads me to another Faithism.....

She brought me a piece of paper and said "look mama, I did letters!" I looked and said wow, they were really small and I was not sure what they were, then she said " what does it say?"..... I said " I am not sure".....she says "is that because it is Japanese?".............hahaha " ya something like that" so she wants me to mail it to one of our previous students, that was not Japanese but Korean but she wouldn't remember that!

It was report card day today and I have to say that J and I have never been more proud of Morgan, this is the BEST report card she has ever gotten. Actually it was all 3 of the girls' best report cards. Morgan made honor roll for the first time ever!! she got 3 A's and the rest all B's! her teacher was pretty proud of her too. Emily is above her age and grade level in reading, writing and math (math was always in grade level, this is the first time she has gone beyond that), we are sooooo proud of her too. Hailey has gone from getting 68% on her Dolch Basic Word List Pre-Primer (testing sight words) to 82.5% and from 62% to 90% on the Primer words! so so proud of her progress too! We want to do something special for them this weekend for a reward.

Well have a great weekend everyone! I know I will! :)


Ruth said…
that faith is a Q T pie.
have a great and grand and glorious weekend lala. shalomy!
Morning Glory said…
Sooo happy your husband is home again! God is good, isn't He?
mom of 2 said…
Japanese....hahahaha...that is so cute!!

Congrats to your girls on the great grades! and congrats to you on your hubby being home!!!
hollibobolli said…
I dare you to mail it to the previous Korean student - wouldn't it be crazy if it said something????

Your Faith is a Faith for sure... cute to the bone!!!


I'm glad your man is back!
PaPa said…
Congratulations to the girls. WOW!!! Amazing!!!! GREAT!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!YIPPPIEEEEE!!!!
they all must get this HIGH IQ from someone very special who goes by the name PaPa - right?????????
Way to go girls - blessed to call you my own
Shash said…
Way to go girls!!! Your aunty Shashi is very proud of you!!!
Nadine said…
Yeah!!!! Your man is home and good reports so far. Congrats to the girls - job well done.
Looney Mom said…
I'm so behind on what's going on with you and your family... sorry. I need to get caught up. This was a happy-sounding post though and that's good!
Elle*Bee said…
Woo Hoo to your girls! Way to go!
Art said…
That's great. Hope you enjoy your great weekend to the fullest!
Dawn said…
I'm so glad that J is home! And that tests are negative. But it would be nice to know what's wrong.

Congrats to those girls!
San&Dan said…
guess who it was great to see J and glad to hear he is home safe and sound and congrats to all the girls doing so well in school!!!
Have a good week and all the best Lise at your new job!
San and Dan
Xangelle said…
Nice to hear tht J's home safe. Let us know when he's donw here in April so we can actually meet up with him then.

I'm so glad to hear that the girls are doing well.

Best Wishes on starting your job.

Love you lots!

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