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Just one more cute thing Faith said on the weekend, or I will totally forget! I was telling her how to say NO to the puppies from jumping up on her so I said, "in a big voice say NOOOOO" she yells " NOOOO IN A BIG VOICE" was sooooo cute!

It is so nice having my mom here. Having someone to talk to that is older than 12! and have another set of hands! J will be getting out of the hospital tomorrow and go to his parents house to recoup for a few days before driving back up here. He is quite sick again from the treatments, they gave him a stronger dose over a shorter time span so it may take more than a few days for him to get better. He also should find out all the rest of the results on Wed.

I sold the last puppy today! yahhhhhhhh! he went to a really good home and I am really happy about that. So now we have Jackson (Scottie-poo) and Mocha our Siamese cat and Roan the black and white puppy I posted a pic of a couple posts ago. So now the puppy training begins cuz we have nothing better to do???? seriously I like the fact that we will have a BIG dog, makes me feel safer with the local wildlife that includes black bears, cougars, coyotes and wolves, oh my!

I cleaned out the garage today which including mopping the concrete floor, trying to rid the garage of evidence of 8 puppies! It smells SO much better in there!

I also baked some banana muffins and Morgan made some cookies for the kids snacks. Since learning that Hailey is allergic to corn syrup I cannot believe how many things have corn syrup in them! like granola bars and pre made chicken wings even! I have a little bee in my bonnet about having a peanut free school........why does the WHOLE school have to conform for the sake of 1-2 children? I understand that the peanut allergy can be very deadly but why can't they have a "peanut-free" zone where those children allergic can eat? Just with Hailey's allergies alone I am so limited on what she can eat for snacks and now add no peanut butter and I feel frustrated with the limitations.
stepping off soap box now

I went to the District PAC meeting tonight. I really like going and there is so much information given out. There is, however, one lady there who asks questions ALL THE TIME, and it is SO annoying, like really lady this is for the district not your kids directly! ahhhhhh some people are so annoying and I find it hard to be mature and sit there without rolling my eyes every time she speaks which is seriously like every 10 minutes! makes it the 1 1/2 hours seem much longer! sorry just had to vent that!
oops back on the soap box!!!


Xangelle said…
Superstore has a "no-peanut" peanut butter in stock, you could check it out - I have no idea what's in it. The other thing is that you could check with your school, and see if it's all nuts in general. They could confirm with the parents, and maybe she can take almond butter or cashew butter in her sandwiches. How about an egg salad sandwich. My girls have really gotten into those lately or even a fried egg sandwich.

It takes a bit of getting used to working around the different allergies, but it can be done, and I know that you can do it - You are an amazing woman! Love ya!
Art said…
What you say is true. I'm all for making allowances for those who have special conditions but when we try to force everyone to abide by those limitations, it can become rather silly in a big hurry.

Why not accept that people are different and have different needs and then make changes when necessary instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water...

I'm sorry, I'm rambling but that touched a nerve I guess. Good post though!

And I love banana muffins:)
mom of 2 said…
I agree with you on the people that ask too many questions...used to drive me completely nuts in college!!

I hope J gets to come home soon and all the test results will help them figure out what to do next!
holli said…
Can she have tahini? Faith loved that stuff and it's supposed to be one of the healthiest things you can put into your body, hands down. I need to get that whole making babyfood book because it had all these food alternatives for allergies and picky eaters, all the way through toddlers.

I don't know - is she allergic to seeds AND nuts?

I love the NO IN A BIG VOICE!! I love it when people do that. I would have cracked out!!
Elle*Bee said…
I'm not trying to play devil's advocate here, but according to the WebMD website, "Some people are so severely allergic to peanuts that being near them or breathing air that contains peanut residue can cause an allergic reaction." That's probably the reason behind your school's policy.

I do however, think perhaps a MedicAlert bracelet and an Epi pen for the allergic individual might be a better compromise rather than an outright ban. (Then again, I'm not the mother of a peanut-allergic child.)

Sorry to hear that J's not feeling well. Glad you're enjoying your mother's visit.
Ruth said…
she is sooooo cute.
PaPa said…
What I have said time and time again - the body has to be built up to resist the allergy attacks. What I found most effective and saw the same positive effects on many others - including Morgan - when she drank the "Green Bubbles"
and that is Barley Green - big on chlorophill and enzymes. Now in order to digest this into our body we need use of our mouth and tongue. The tongue- that muscle that no gets cosmetic surgery or replacement for but it steers our lives - either good or bad. So the proper words will either bring or amplify healing or sickness in our bodies. Go to the mirror and look at it and tell it - "from now on you will say words of health" - now wiggle it and giggle.
Julie said…
Honestly you would feel different if you child had a serious peanut allergy.

Once you see your child close to death from exposure to peanuts you change your tune very quickly. Avoidance is the best measure with peanut allergies as future reactions get worse.

Show a little empathy for those dealing with allergies along with you! We could use the support.

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