the peanut debate

It seems I may have hit a bit of a nerve with the peanut allergy! My children do have allergies and I am just learning what they are. None of them have life threatening allergies, thank goodness.

If my child WAS really really allergic to dairy, which she is, would it be fair of me to impose a NO dairy policy at school? I wouldn't dream of it! She is not deathly allergic but she gets severe stomach aches but she knows to stay away from it and she is only in grade 1!

In my opinion if your child is that allergic then maybe they should be home schooled OR the parent go to the school at lunch time to make sure that your child does not come in contact with the peanuts! Why should parents of the mass majority of the school body be forced to be peanut free? will these children expect their college or university or high school or work place to become peanut free?

What about us parents that are on a very strict or non-existent budget? I go through about $15-20 in deli meat a week, and now I can't give one of my daughters deli meat due to allergies..... I am running out of options. What options I have left are not cheap.

I am not sure this is everyone else's problem and I don't mean to be cold hearted, I am just being honest to how I feel.

I do wonder WHY are there are so many kids deadly allergic to peanuts now a days? I never heard of anyone in my childhood ever being deadly allergic to peanuts! my personal opinion....... immunizations! why is autism on the rise? did you know it has risen 150% in just over a decade??!! did you know that they changed the 1 year immunization in 1995? and now more kids have autism and peanut allergies! coincidence? personally I don't think so.

again this is my blog and my opinion..... we are all entitled to our own. Don't be offended!

EDITED: thank you for your comment anonymous! I am so grateful that my children do not have a deadly reaction to anything, I can't imagine what that would be like. My daughter Emily told me that some kids in her class still bring peanut butter sandwiches to school cuz the child who has the anaphylactic shock is not in their classroom. So even though our school is "peanut free" it really isn't! also I understand that to say be home schooled sounds really unfair, and a strong statement to say, but for me......this being said without having this situation mind you......if there was a chance that something as easy as peanuts could kill my child, I would keep them home for elementary school! My oldest did go to a school for grades 1-3 that had children with peanut allergies and they made a peanut free table in the eating room for those children. So I am of the understanding that moves can be made without having to do a complete ban!
and thanks for reading my blog! and for praying......we should find out some more test results tomorrow! and thanks for sharing about your son with autism, I too do not think that immunizations is the only cause of autism but I do strongly believe it is a contributing factor to the growing epidemic!
it is so great to be able to share our opinions without offense!


Nadine said…
It's so hard to find good foods to feed kids that they like. My son was so picky when he was younger. I can't imagine if he had allergies how much tougher that would have been because it cuts down on options.

I hope it gets easier for you Lala.
Anonymous said…
I totally understand your fustrations with finding different peanut free options for lunchs. Peanut butter was my very picky sons favorite lunch and we found it difficult when he started school. My daughters best friend at school has a severe peanut allergy so I have come to understand it a little. Imagine the fear and worry of sending your child off to school every morning praying that she does not come into close contact with a child who may have had peanut butter for breakfast and has remenants of peanut butter left on them. Yes sometimes thats all it takes for a severe reaction causing death. There have been several cases were this has happend leaving the child either brain damaged or dead. While I have also felt your feelings of it not being fair for the whole school being effected, and have grumbled about it as well, the fact is every child should be allowed to have a normal childhood as much as possible, and be forced to homeschool because of an allergy is not fair to any child. We as a society and especially us as Christians need to try to have compassion and do what the Bible says and "prefer one another", and as much as it may suck I think even in a situation like this it applys.
As far as your comments in regards to immunizations, I'm not saying I totally disagree with you, as I have done extensive research on this topic as my child has autism. However I believe there you can't just pin it on vaccines. My child was showing symptoms well before receiving the 1 year shot, which was received late. There was absolutly no negative change in my child. My child did not receive further vaccines, because, well if there was the slightest chance we weren't going to take it. However in saying all that, I definately believe there is a genetic link, mixed in with enviromental factors. Part of the reason for so many more kids getting the autism diagnosis is that they have expanded the defination of what autism is to include kids that in past would not have received that diagnosis and their methods of diagnosis have improved. Again I am not totally ruling out vaccines, but I don't think it is JUST vaccines. Sorry didn't mean too ramble. Good topics. By the way I love your blog and we have been praying for your family.
Shash said…
It's increased in Canada alone 150% in not 10 but in only 6 years!!!

A friend of mine does touch therapy on a boy with Autism, before his immunization shot he was perfectly fine - made eye contact with the camera. Immediately following the 12 or 18 month vaccine - he was withdrawn and completely different, he looked blind in the photos.

There are more of these kinds of cases than not. Immunization also contributes to CDIP, which is what J was diagnosed with - acutal documented, court-proven links!

My other friend had her daughter vaccinated for measles and immediatley following she broke out in measles, the doctor said it was a coincidence - that she must have come in contact with someone. The health nurse confirmed that her child was the first case in the region. Later it was said to my friend that she shouldn't have gotten the shot because the father has epilepsy and that increases the risks HUGE of getting the disease from the shot!!

My own first born son had big problems immediately following the 2nd vaccination where the nurse told me I could wait, I was a nursing mom and I gave him the natural anti-bodies he needed at that time and also that if I had a family history of respratory issues that I shouldn't have got the shot in the first place. On both sides, hubby's and mine, we have a family history of severe problems, from asthma to other.

People immunize so blindly, I wish they would take matters into their own hands more often.
Ruth said…
Yup, that was my daughter with the measles shot. Now we are dealing with some issues with my son that I believe may be related to him being immunized as a child. He is now 11 and I am having a hard time not being angry because no one told me the possible adverse effects from immunizations.

We stopped immunizing after my daughters measles and my kids are all fine. It is so important for parents to know what is going into their children. I was a young mom and told the dr's all the time with my first that we had a family history of neurological disorders and not one dr. told me there may be a complication due to the shots...

Oh, well...just be informed. As for the peanut allergy, we have been on both sides, though not life threatening. One of my daughters was allergic to peanut butter, so we just stopped buying it, she seems to have outgrown the allergy, but peanut butter is still a rarity around here. We homeschool mind you so we don't have to deal with the bans...

Life with kids can be so hard...but no one tells you that in the beginning though!
mom of 2 said…
I've heard lots on the debate about immunizations and I can see both sides point of view. The vaccinations have stopped many diseases, yet may have done some harm. Here in the U.S. there is only one can immunize your children or you can home school them. To attend public school, shot records must be provided to the school documenting dates/places of all shots received by the child.

And while I sympathize with those parents who have children allergic to peanuts, I think banning them from an entire school is a little much! I think a peanut free table is a great idea. I do think if my child were that allergic I'd have to consider home schooling!!
Anonymous said…
Mom of 2, that's not true. In the US you can sign a waver at the school saying that you don't immunize your children for religious/philosophical reasons. They can't force you to get your children vaccinated. I have several friends who don't vaccinate and their children attend public school. If they was ever an outbreak, their children would not be able to attend school until it all passes.

For the record, I do immunize my children.
laura said…
I believe the reasong some many people are becoming allergic to peanuts is because they are now genetically modified. In Europe they put warning labels on genetically modified foods, but not here. It is scary to learn how many foods are g.m. and how bad they are for you.
Anonymous said…
Ok I have posted the same comment twice now and it keeps getting lost. If by chance this comment posts more than once please just delete it. Ok I will try one more time. In regards to the comment about the friend who works with a child with autism, I can't speak about that situation. In my situation with my child I was able to take pictures of her up to about 9 or 10 months. She was looking straight into the camara, smiling and with full eye contact. After this things began to decline. At about 12 months we noticed we could no longer get a decent picture of her. No more smiles, little if any eye contact and I could not get her to sit in one spot. She did not receive her 12 month vaccine intil 15 or 16 months, by this time she was already displaying many traits of autism. The fact is many of the traits of autism start to manifest between 12-18 months. I am in contact with many parents of children with autism and this has come up in discussion, most of them believe they knew something was wrong at birth, but were not diagnosised intil much later. Looking back with my child we realize now that were other signs throughout her infancy. I know that there are some parents who believe vaccines gave their child autism, I personally have not met any that believe this. I am not saying there is defiantely not a link, but there are so many other factors. My husband just read a report of a town in England that did not do vaccinations on their children but lived down wind of a factory. There was a 68% rate of autism in the children. Studies are currently being done in the US to find out better methods of diagnosing children at younger ages. They are finding symptoms as young as 6 months.
As far as the 150% increase. There may be more children with autism; however, as I have stated they have expanded the boundries of what they are allowed to call autism dramatically. I personally know of 4 children off the top of my head that would never have received the diagnosis even 5 years ago. These children would have been placed in another catagory or just labelled difficult children. Again I am not stating that I am all for vaccines, I'm not. I just get fustrated as a parent with a child of autism when people blame vaccines as THE CAUSE, when there is so many other factors. Sorry to ramble, it is something that is close to me and many I know. Ok I will shut up now. Maybe I should just get my own blog.LOL:)
Elle*Bee said…
It's a tough call. There's a child at the elementary school that Son #3 will attend - she eats her lunch in the classroom with the teacher a few close friends, because she is very allergic to peanut butter. (Kid smudges peanut butter on table, cafeteria worker swipes it with a wet cloth - looks clean, but may not be completely free of the peanut irritant.) The kids in her class are the best little handwashers b/c they know she can become very sick if she comes in contact w/ peanuts. There are studies being conducted that indicate it may be possible to de-sensitize a peanut-allergic child (I scanned it on the WebMD site.)

As a taxpayer, I believe my child is entitled to the same public education as any other child. If the epi-pen wasn't a viable option, though, I would indeed consider homeschooling. While it's a wonderful option, truthfully, it's not for everyone (child or adult).

Lala, can you tell I'm straddling the fence? LOL I'm equally vascillating when it comes to immunizations. Son #1 has his share of challenges. He hasn't been tested for autism altho' Aspberger's Syndrome has been suggested more than once (we've not decided whether to have him tested - the characteristics and treatment are often very similar to those of ADHD, which he does have). I've been looking for a long time for the "how" but I just haven't found enough tangible evidence to link his issues to immunizations. A lot of anecdotal evidence, but studies are frustratingly inconclusive.

Anonymous, I wish you *would* get your own blog - and I'm not saying that to be rude. You seem to have a knack for presenting your side of an issue w/o getting your knickers in a bunch. I'd like to hear what else you have to say.

Finally, Lala, it's your blog and of course you should speak freely (otherwise, what's the point). That's why I read.
Amanda said…
Wow what hot topics!
About the allergy thing, if a child in your kids school is deathly allergic to "peanuts", why is it even an issue for some parents not to send foods containing peanuts? You are talking about a child's life. This is a special need just like any other.

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