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ok working full time is such an adjustment.....any tricks on how to go to sleep at night? how to turn off the brain long enough to sleep into the sweet dreamland??? anyone??? please!!! I am only getting about 6- 6.5 hours a night of sleep....for me....that is not enough!


we had a really nice dinner last night. We went for Greek food and I have to say that from where we lived before.....it was not good. We are finding that specialized food here is not so specialized and EXPENSIVE to boot! oh well......we only had 1 spilled glass of water cuz a dinner in a nice restaurant is not complete without one! and 1 episode of crying!

We bought M a whole bunch of makeup and a little make up bag. She is officially allowed to wear it now and she is doing a good job of letting it accent her features without it becoming THE feature!

Then we came home and watched Happy Feet together. What a great movie! great music and I love Robin Williams and his voices! worth watching!

ok well off to work I go....which I still like even though I had my first bad moment the other day! I will tell you all about it soon!


Ruth said…
my sister just started working in a bank...today! she just got baack from ywam so it was a real provision. i always remember the first 2 weeks of a new job are overwelming...and it often feels like impossible to understand. at least it did for me, with nearly every job i have had.
and then after 2 weeks...somehow the dust settles and things are a bit clearer.
i am proud of you. way to go lala!
Morning Glory said…
One Tylenol PM works well for me on those nights.
Elle*Bee said…
Love your blog's new look. As for how to turn off the brain - I have no suggestions. I have the same problem and I don't work outside the home. Dear Hubby is asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. I linger there with my mental "to do" lists for at least an hour. Frustrating! Hope the job is going well.
Dawn said…
MG and I swear by Tylenol PM.

Check out the safari pictures for WW today! You'll love them.
Kristen said…
That has always happened to me when I've started a new job. Trying to retain all sorts of new information. It eventually goes away. Try MG's idea. ;-)

Pretty amazing that M is doing well with the make up. I look back on pics of me when I first started wearing make-up and YIKES....what was I trying to prove?! LOL!
Shash said…
I've had to tell myself to shut-up - out loud!! Sounds funny to my hubby but it works for me. I also have to cut out blogging right before bed. Reading is the best way or vegging with a really boring - won't cause ya to think too hard - type show. Nothing too energenic or flashy or thought provoking... that or a nice hot bath - that usually does it every time!!

p.s. Did you remember that we went for Greek Food the day Morg's was born??!!! 13 years later you go for greek again.... ;-)
Heidi said…
Happy birthday to M! Being allowed to wear makeup is exciting, I remember my dad only letting me wear a light baby blue eye shadow and that was IT! LOL I love greek food and I've always wanted to see Happy Feet - hope you enjoyed it all. Nice new look to your blog too!

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