Lala's weekend in review...well sort of

oh man I have no batteries for my camera but I wish I could take pictures of what our place looks like right now. Just when we were in the Spring Melt down we got at least 3 inches of snow last night. We woke up to clear blue skies and a fresh blanket of snow, it is absolutely gorgeous. You can't help but look outside and wonder at this Creation and how creative He really is!

We had such a good weekend, it is so great to have J home where he belongs! He will probably have to go down to the coast every 4-6 weeks and have his IVIG treatments down there, that will be indefinitely. They also told him that he can expect to never to hard manual labor again, EVER. Most cases of CIDP the people are not able to work at all for 2 years after diagnosis. J is the youngest patient with this though so that gives us more hope. We are talking about different things he can do. We can't imagine him at a desk job! but he might have to take a few computer courses as he is a bit illiterate on the computer. Maybe buying a franchise of some sort might be the answer? we just kind of have to wait and see how he recovers and take things from there.

We took the kids to see Bridge to Terabithia on Sat night. It was excellent! loved this movie. The commercials didn't really tell you what the movie was about, I am beginning to see a pattern with this lately! It is a lot about bullying and parent/pre-teen relationships. It was just awesome. It was sad too but that is all I will say or I will give it away but to you sensitive souls, bring kleenex!!!

Yesterday I went to church with just Morgan cuz she was in the Nursery as a helper, or I would have stayed home with J. I have been feeling a bit disconnected with church lately and having to remind myself that there are NO perfect churches and like my mom observed when she was there with me last Sunday, the people there are so caring and nice. So yesterday I was sitting there by myself and one of our greeters came up to me and said oh good you have a purse and put an envelope in my purse. Then she walked away. I opened the card and there inside was a $100.00 bill! I could barely read what she wrote because I was crying so much. Her and her husband are praying for us and they just wanted to give us a little blessing. It wasn't a little blessing it was a HUGE blessing. She touched my heart and made me feel so loved and welcome. This couple are quite elderly and this winter they lost a son to heart disease. So they know pain, more pain than I know or hope to know. Again I was humbled and thankful for being surrounded by people who have faced huge pain in their lives and have risen above it. I had a different feeling about my church after that.

ps ( I start work 1 week today....ahhhhhhh)

oh and I almost forgot, J made dinner for us last night. It was AWESOME! he is such a good cook. He made enchiladas and a Mexican lasagna sooooooo yummy, if it was not so much hard work to own/operate a restaurant I think that is what he should do between his cooking skills and his gift of hospitality it would be a great restaurant! anyways we were all going around the table saying how yummy everything was and Faith says " it's like freedom in a cup!"...... J and I burst out laughing the other girls told us it is a line from the movie Open Season! me thinks she watches too much tv and movies!!


Dawn said…
Church family is an awesome thing! I trust God to give you thoughts for your next steps.
Kristen said…
It sounds like it was such a wonderful weekend for you! How wonderful of that couple to do that for you. I've received a couple of "anonymous" monetary gifts in the mail over the last couple of years. While I know the people don't want to be thanked, they just want to help, I sure would like to tell whomever did such a nice thing thanks you know?

You're lucky J is a great cook! Sounds like an awesome meal.
Elle*Bee said…
Glad J is feeling well. Perhaps he go to a career counseling session or two to help his assess how his skills might transfer to another career, and to develop a plan.
Xangelle said…
Hey, what about some sort of coffee shop or something like that, where you are open for coffee and open for breakfast and lunch, and then just coffee in the evening?

Again, let us know when he's coming down so we can meet up instead of just a stinkin' phone call.
Nadine said…
So happy to hear that your have such a good church family with people who care. I can hear the excitment about J while reading this post...thank you for sharing.
Heidi said…
You are so blessed to be around such lovely people in your church! Thanks for your comment, I'm glad all the rain has stopped here and that we weren't affected by the floods - it's been really bad here! I've stopped by to read your posts to keep updated but haven't had time to comment much. I haven't posted anything on mine either! MMMMMM The movie sounds good! I love it when you can identify with a movie hey?! And Mexican food is so yummy - Faith is too cute!
Shash said…
The kids want to see that during spring break. Dave took the boys to see The Night in the Mueseum this afternoon, they liked it - I have no clue what it was about. One of the theatres in town is having $3 matinee's all during this week for the kid's vacation time. It's no where near spring weather although I did see a Cardinal the other week but it has probably frozen solid by now!!!! At least we haven't had new snow in a few days.
Amber said…
What a WONDERFUL gesture on that woman's part. I am sooooo happy you had a great weekend!!!!
hollibobolli said…
we need to watch open season!!!

that faith - she's a faith!!!

I know whatever needs to happen will reveal itself to you all. I really prayed about what we needed to do or where we needed to be (can't discuss this online) and here we go, off to DC.

This is totally a joke, but I wish someone would ban me from manual labor forever.

xoxoxo friend.

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