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ok I was just making this big old comment on my own blog and it closed on me! ahhhh I hate that.

what I was saying and thought since it was such a long comment that I would just start a new post.......if you didn't read it then go read it now and come back...........k was this

I agree that there is so much conflicting information out there, it is hard to know what to believe! I strongly believe and urge parents to read the information and make an informed decision. No matter what you decide to do regarding immunizations it can't be based out of fear. I was not immunized as a child and I never had a childhood disease, even those around me, including my sisters who were immunized, got the diseases I never did. I think we are all so different individual to individual and should be treated as such. For me and my kids I feel that I was NOT supposed to be immunized and knew that for my children as well. The auto-immune disease J has has immunizations as one of the possible causes. So much is unknown but again we can't live in fear. Based on the fact that J has had some strange diseases we felt and knew we should not immunize our children. We researched it and prayed about it and have peace about our decision.

We have friends who have a son who is autistic that believe it was from his 1 year vaccine that changed him. There is enough speculation for me to make me want to stay away from them. AND YET I know that they have saved many lives! so....... what does one do? I think know your family history, be informed and don't make your decision based on fear.

I also agree that our foods have changed. The hormones they put in our meat for example! so not good! and now that I am reading labels for my child's allergies I am overwhelmed at how much corn syrup is in things. I know I have said this before, but it is staggering. She doesn't like other nuts so almond butter is out of the option list! We definitely need to stay away from so much processed food and start eating natural and organic foods!

and I agree with elle*bee, anonymous, you should start your own blog it is so refreshing to be able to talk about something as hot as immunizations and not be confrontational, I would love to read more about what you have to say and think!

thank you to all my commenter's, I love pooling all this information together, even if we don't all agree!


Amanda said…
Hey just stopping in for the party!
I have been buying organic whenever I can but it is often just too darn expensive! Love your blog it is fun.
You are welcome to stop by my party
Shash said…
I agree that it is not only vacines that cause problems, I do agree that our foods are much more full of crap. There are so many products that have (can't spell this word) carcinogins in them that we have no clue what chemicals we're putting in our body. I wish we were more like the UK!!!
Art said…
It really is frightening what they put into the processed foods. And that's just the stuff they tell us about. Ugh! Imagine what they don't tell us.

And I know a great solution for when Blogger closes out on you like that:

Switch to Wordpress :)
Nadine said…
Lala I admire the fact that you and your husband did your research and most importantly prayed about whether to immunize your children. Parents have to make their choice for their children. God bless.

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