Happy Birthday to J and my first day at work

as per Dawn's request here is a picture of me before leaving for my first day of work, See how nice and bright my brand new blouse is? well all I can say is thank goodness for tide stick pens and the girl at work who had one after I dribbled coffee which of course landed on the "shelf" not to be outdone by the diet coke that landed there later in the afternoon!!! uh hem, never said I wasn't a slob!!!!
My first day went really well. No feelings of dread and oh my goodness I have made a mistake, nope not one. Everything went really well and I am extremely confident that this was the right decision and the right place for me to work.
The thing or man as it were that makes it all the more easier is J. He got up with me early this morning and had toast and coffee ready for me when I got out of the shower. He got the girls ready for school, fed them breakfast and made their lunches. He even made mine. Today on his 34th birthday I have now known him for half of his life and I love every minute I have had the pleasure of knowing him. He is a fantastic father and a terrific husband. He is my best friend with "privileges" :) and I love every square inch of him. I know he hates me having to go to work and having him be sick has been a very hard 3 months, on all of us but mostly him and yet he has handled himself with so much dignity and I love him for it. Well I just plain love him. I am proud to stand next to him on this journey of ours put my hand into his and say "what's next?" and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together!
Happy Birthday Baby!
ps(sorry I haven't been around for a bit to leave comments on, we have been having internet problems again but have been assured they are resolved now....so we shall see!)


Art said…
What a lovely picture of you. J is a lucky man (almost as lucky as me)! The two of you sound like such a perfect match. I love it when that happens!
Amber said…
What a cute picture! And your wonderful hubby is as blessed to have you as you are to have him.

Happy birthday!
Amanda said…
You look sharp!
Hey I call my husband best friend with privileges too!
Great to hear your first day on the job went great.
Isn't it great that God sustains you and gives you peace that passes all understanding when you need it most!
God Bless and Happy Birthday J!
Shash said…
Happy birthday old man - now you're my age!!!! hahaha

I'm glad you had a great first day and that you were able to blog during the day too - that's a great work place!!!! :-)

You look great btw, your hair looks long again. It's been too long since I've seen ya. I miss you much!!
mom of 2 said…
You look very nice for your first day of work! And, I must say, that those Tide pens are AMAZING!!! Glad you had a good first day!

And happy birthday to J!!!
Kristen said…
That's a great picture! I'm glad your first day went so well!

And happy birthday to J! He sounds like a wonderful hubby and father! You're a lucky gal!
MugwumpMom said…
Happy Birthday J!!!!!

And you look lovely Lala! Hope this weeks goes well..and may I welcome you to my world of workdays and blognights..and may you find the balance and priority easy to recognize!
Morning Glory said…
I'm so glad your first day went really well and I hope today was a good one, too. You look lovely in your picture.

Happy belated birthday to J!
Heidi said…
You look FABULOUS!! I like your blouse, you're very pretty in it. LOVE your adorable post on J's birthday wishes - your marriage is truly inspiring to me. Happy b-day to him btw!

And I understand what you mean about the movie thing...and I don't understand why people want to see all of that and allow their kids to be subjected to all the violence. No wonder we have so many youth crisis!!

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