J is doing better spirit wise! so glad to hear him not be so depressed. He is getting more results back and so far they have been negative, so that is good news. He is feeling much better about everything.

I would go down to the coast, and almost did, except for that financially right now we are depending on others and along with other reasons, we decided it was best if I stay here with the girls. My mom is actually coming up here today to spend a few days with us and that is soooooo great!!! so happy about that!

Last night I was sitting reading and Faith came and I asked her to play with my hair so she did, brushed it and put it into painful ponytails then brushed it out!! fun eh?!

then she said out of the blue,

"how tome I can't see Dog? (she means God)"
I said well He lives in your heart and He is all around us but you can't see Him.
she said" I been waitin my whole life to see Dog I weally wish I dould see Him"............
" me too" I said " me too".

then Hailey came upstairs and I said I have a surprise for you tomorrow. Hailey said "daddy is coming home?!!" no I said not yet
Faith said "are you going to buy us tandy?"
um no
..........then Hailey said " gramma or nana is coming" and I said nana is coming and she let out a squeal.

Then Faith grabs my face with her hands puts her nose right up to mine and yells "oh I was hoping you were doing to say you were doing to dive us TANDY!!! ahhhhh"

ok still a little obsessed with candy or what??!!!


Shash said…
A sweet tooth just like her Papa!! Enjoy the stay with mom, I was on the phone with dad when he told me but i called on my cell and I couldn't talk long - my hubby came back into the van before I could talk to mom. I'll call later, when does she arrive?
Lala's world said…
at 4:15
Amber said…
Toooo sweet. My daughter is sugar-obsessed as well so I think it comes with the territory!

And you are definitely not a downer these days. In fact, you're a source of admiration for one going through such INCREDIBLLY difficult times and yet you're still plugging through.
Anonymous said…
Lala, Sorry to hear about J. I've been having trouble with my computer couldn't get some blogs to come in. Love the tandy girl. Our prayers are with you and your family.
How cute! I love getting my hair brushed, but man, those ponytails are painful! LOL. I'm with Faith, I want TANDY!!!
Just Being Me said…
I loved how you conveyed your daughter's love for tandy - how cute is that. Good news to hear that J is feeling better. It's always good to have family at a time like this - mom's are great.
Ruth said…
kids just tell it like it is, heh?
Dawn said…
Sounds like some good news there. Thanks for coming over for a visit during these busy, hectic times for you and your family.

The other night when the kiddoes were over during Kristen and Mike's praise band practice, all 3 were up on the couch coming my hair. They giggled so hard that I did, too. Your kids sound so cute! I bet J misses them terribly. Glad Grandma is coming to the rescue!
Art said…
I love TANDY! That's so cute.
Elle*Bee said…
Kids say the cutest things...
Sista Cala said…
Make that chocolate candy for me.

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