Bubble Wrap

I have been thinking so much about what it would be like to have a child with life threatening allergies. What that would mean? the fear that would constantly be hanging over my shoulder?

I think some of you may think that I am heartless or selfish even for suggesting that if your child does have life threatening allergies that you should home school them. I did mention, as well, an option of going to the lunch room with your child to make sure they are safe. I don't think home school is the end of the world personally and do not think your child would get a less of an eduction by any means! For me, if my child had life threatening allergies, I would keep them home and home school them to keep them safe! Anonymous made a good point when she mentioned the fear that a child might have had peanut butter for breakfast and not washed properly before even coming to school! never mind the children who still bring peanut items even though there is a ban! one can never be too sure and that is why I would want to wrap them in bubble wrap.

I laid awake the other night thinking about bubble wrap and how as a parent I wish I could wrap my children in it and keep them safe from every known evil or disaster! I know my parents wished the same thing.

I started thinking about my life and from being very sick at birth with a blood incompatibility with my mom ( my father and full sister are - blood, I am + ) and then at 9 1/2 months getting double viral pneumonia and almost dying.
To cutting my hand open when I was 3 years old and having to have microscopic surgery to reconnect 4 tendons and 5 nerves to being hit by a car when I was 10, destroying my bike and should have destroyed me.
To getting malaria 2 times and contracting e-coli when I was 17 in Kenya.
To being date raped and then getting pregnant from that and a STD at the age of 19.
To becoming a single mom.
To getting married at 21 and having 5 miscarriages in a row.
To finally having a child be born alive (Emily) and quickly discovering she was born with an undeveloped trachea.
To getting pregnant 6 months later (Hailey) and the doctors thinking something was wrong with her stomach.
To loosing another baby 9 months later.
To barely hanging on to Faith and being so relieved she was born at 38 weeks and not earlier due to several complications.
To struggling thru all these things that add to the marriage difficulties.
To finding out that my husband of over 11 years has an auto-immune disease at the age of 33 (he will be 34 in less than 2 weeks) and may never be able to work again!

I/we have been through so much.

I thought wow I wished I had been bubble wrapped.

Then I heard a Voice that said " you were and that is why you are still standing!"


Clan Schmitt said…
Wow.. you don't relize God's prense sometimes until you look back on life.
I almost died at the age of 2 from double viral pneumonia and measles, thankfully people were visiting my parents that night and urged them to take me to the doctors, the doc later informed them that I would not have made it through the night had they not. To splitting my head open in a diving accident and walking away. There is more...
YEP when I look back even though I did not have an understanding of God He had a purpose for me to fulfill.
This may sound cliches...but you are a stronger person in God and I'm sure your faith is strenghtened everday(also a prayer)
Anonymous said…
Another very good post.

For the record, I don't think you are selfish or cold-hearted, it can be fustrating to have to try alternatives for lunches. I can't imagine trying to do it with the limitations of diet that you are presented with. I guess because of my daughter's best friend, I was just trying to present the other side.
You seem like you are a very caring person.
When a child is dealing with extra challeges, in this case severe allergies, parents sometimes want to do everything possible to make that child's life as "normal" as possible, like send them to school. That is why I said I don't think homeschooling is necessarily the answer.
I am not against homeschooling, I am having to homeschool my oldest this year. But as Elle Bee said and I am finding out, it is not for everybody. LOL:)
The Lang Six said…
Hi, Xangelle suggested we check out your blog from her blog, so here I am, I don't like to lurk either!! Our family doesnt immunize, and we don't see a difference at all compared to other families. We like to have our kids eat healthy and play outside a lot, we think it helps.
The Lang Six said…
Oh yeah, and say hi to J for me!!

Morning Glory said…
That's a lot of pain and agony for one single life and you seem to have resurfaced with great strength. I'm sure all of these experiences are very helpful in allowing you to understand others who suffer. God has certainly brought you through, hasn't He?
Elle*Bee said…
Your blogs are always thought-provoking and full of faith. You don't come across as heartless at all.
Dawn said…
Wow, that is an amazing list. I love your final conclusion! The scripture in II Corinthians 1 that says we are given things in our lives so that we can help others in that situation certainly could be your life scripture!
Theresa said…
Lala, you have been through so many trials and are such a strong and faithful woman. Thank you for sharing all of this and giving me hope overcome.
Nadine said…
Lala -

I was so moved that I read this to my husband and we both cried. We were moved deeply by your life, your honesty and your love for the Lord. We took a moment and prayed for God's justice in your life and in the life of your family.

Thank you so much for sharing ... the last line is what got me the most.
Art said…
Wow, what a journey! I'm glad that you are "bubble wrapped". I am praying for you and your family.
Shash said…
If I could have shared your burdens and pain through all those years, my dear baby sister, I would have.

I love you lots.
Cheryl said…
Wow, God seems to put it in perspective. I remember going to work one day when the girls were 9 and 12 and praying up a storm because I was leaving them alone for most of the day...asking for protection. Then I heard the Voice tell me..."Who do you think was protecting them when you were there?" Good point.
MugwumpMom said…
When we recall the struggles in our life, we see the Hand of God so much more clearer, and His work is perfected in us.

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