and she slept

I left work 1 hour early yesterday cuz I was really not feeling well.....totally feeling fluish and feverish. I came home went straight to bed. Woke up for dinner at 6:30 ate in a fog then crawled back to bed and stayed there till this morning! that's about 14 hours of sleep!!!! guess I needed! I did take a melatonin after dinner to help me sleep again.........I didn't feel too groggy this morning, thank goodness!!
Well have a great weekend..... I know I will!!!


Dawn said…
I'm so glad you slept so well! T PM doesn't make me groggy in the morning at all. I guess it depends on the person. I take it just as I go to bed, too.

I am so thankful for the no-smoking laws that have been passed here in Colorado so now we don't have to deal with second hand smoke in public places at all. The worst for me is going by people outside of buildings where they congregate to smoke because they can't smoke inside. Disgusting.

I also would have a very hard time getting used to rock playing, no matter how long I was there. It would truly give me a headache.

Glad you're adjusting, at least somewhat!
Nadine said…
Well it sounds you got much deserved and needed rest. I'm happy to hear that. You have a great weekend.

BTW did you get a chance to check out my new blog for my book?
Ruth said…
sleep is a wonderful healer. have a great weekend with you family
Amber said…
Sleep, glorious, glorious sleep! I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

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