Last night for J's birthday we went to the Keg for dinner and then we went to see the movie 300. I will state the obvious first then I will get to the issue that is bothering me!! cuz you know me.....say it like I think/see it!

Totally a guys movie! lots of blood lots of killing lots of well whatever it is that guys like so much. This film in Canada is rated 18A, I thought that meant that you had to be 18 to get in but apparently it means you have to have a person with you who is 18 or older. They actually were asking for ID! so I was shocked and I mean SHOCKED when I saw at least 10 children who were younger than 14 in the theater.......like S.H.O.C.K.E.D!!!! then after seeing the movie I was appalled.....yup appalled! gee can you tell this has been bothering me or what???

I cannot believe parents allow children.......CHILDREN...... people....... to see movies that even by Hollywood standards has one of the highest ratings! like what are they thinking??? the violence wasn't even the worse part for me it was the sexual imagery, that oh big surprise Hollywood has to through in for more "manly" appeal (said in a sarcastic voice if you couldn't tell!!!) They could have gotten the point across without images of women kiss *(ing) women and much much more.....there were 3 different scenes that showed woman's upper body parts. (trying to be vague here as to not attract pervs). I don't know why they had to do that but anyways after the movie was over and we were walking out I said out loud behind a father who brought what looked like his 13 year old son......"I cannot believe parents would bring their children to a 18 A movie. Of all the irresponsible things to do!"...... I would not have been upset if he had turned around and confronted me, which he didn't, I was that upset.

What are your thoughts on this?

side note: J is continuing to gain strength, while he has been noticing he looses his breath a lot he is noticing that he can run up 4 stairs and his legs are holding! this is such an encouragement. He has had 4 good days in a row and that is a new record! so thanks again for all your prayers. Work is great, I really like it there and there is no shortage of drama already....not with me but with some of the people or characters I should say that work there! I am tired and I know it all will be a continued adjustment but I know we can do it!


hollibobolli said…
I'm glad that J is gaining strength - YAY!!!!

As for the movies, I went to see the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre when I was pregnant (don't ask) and there were little tiny kids in THAT!!!! OMG! HELLO??? People are fweaks!
Nadine said…
I continue to agree in prayer with you and your family for J's full recovery.

Do you remember Titantic? With the nudity and such...my son's school as a reward wanted to take 7th and 8th grade boys and girls to see this movie. My son was not going to be rewarded like that. I complained but to no avail...I did take my son out of school that day and treated him with a reward that was more appropriate. I don't understand parents and what they allow their children to view.
Dawn said…
Thanks for putting up the picture of yourself - fun to see you in your first day of work clothes - sorry about the coffee and pop! Funny!

I'm with you totally on the movie thing. I don't even go to good ones, so I'm pretty prejudiced on the subject.

What is your new job? I'm glad things seem to be brighter!
mom of 2 said…
I'm constantly appalled by the young kids I see in movies! Emily will also tell me about movies her friends have seen and it's shocking!!

Glad J is doing so well!!!
Morning Glory said…
I'm with you on the movie issue. It's astounding to me what parents permit. It's also appalling what we as adults will allow ourselves to sit through. I find myself so oversensitive to certain movie themes that I have actually gotten up and walked out of an offensive movie and taken the loss financially. One time we complained to the management after about the first 20 minutes, and they refunded our money.
Shash said…
I've only walked out once and asked for my money back but I'd do it again if a movie wasn't what I thought it was going to be. Our parents walk out all the time, most times it's for language content. Most movies today - I have no idea what they're actually about, the commercials are misleading!

I too get frustrated with parents who allow their kids to watch - what I'd consider adult aged movies (not adult movies... head out of the gutter people) :-) I went to see X-Men 2 and there were kids between the ages of 5 and 8 in the theatre, I don't think that was appropriate. I barely let my kids watch most of the cartoons on TV let alone those violent movies -- even if they are based on a comic book!!

Our jobs as parents is not only to protect our children from harm... but to protect their innocence as well!!!!!!!!!
Shash said…
La, if you give Ruth access to your template she can probably remove those snowflakes for you!! Or copy your html template into a word document and send it to her.... worth a try - those things are annoying - especially now that it is SPRING!!!!
Ruth said…
Thanks for the review, hubby wanted to see this one but now I know we won't bother!! I don't mind helping out with your template, but it would not be nearly as good as what you got...just colours...and Shash...isn't there still snow up North? She is just sharing the love!!

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