Then there were 3....and updates

3 puppies left! yah! these are pics of the ones left. They are all males, they are SO cute! and are making way less mess then the 8 of them. There is someone very interested in them right now, well one of them at least and hopefully they will be gone by the end of next week.

we are thinking about keeping this guy, the black and white one. Since bears are a reality here and the Spring is the most dangerous time, we are thinking about having a dog that will protect the girls. This guy is the biggest of the crew and is friendly but tough too. We have been calling him Roan. The girls wanted to call him bear but I said I don't think that is such a great idea when there are real bears here and if I am calling out the window to them BEAR BEAR.....and the dog comes running??? yah not a good scenario!
J is sick today. He finished his treatments yesterday and is feeling quite ill now. If he doesn't show any improvement with this latest round then we are definitely going to fly him down to the Coast to get a second opinion.
I decided not to get the job as the receptionist because within 20 minutes of being there I knew I had made a mistake. Then I talked to 3 other employees on how they like it there, including the lady who's job I was supposed to be taking. They all said they were not happy. In fact 2 of them have been looking for another job the month they got hired. I also would have had to sign a years contract and the pay wasn't good enough to justify it. The job description was like working for 2 obsessive compulsive disorder people. Not exaggerating when I say that EVERY minute of your day has to be recorded! like a stamp on an envelope had to be recorded. I would not have done well in that environment where I feel I would have to justify my existence there.
So I called and told her it just wouldn't work out.
Then I called the hotel back, like the lady there wanted me too, and was told that she is pushing me through to get the job. The final say has to be the resident General Manager and I go for that interview on Tuesday morning. She said that she has loved her job there and is only leaving because her husband is retiring and so she is as well. She has worked there for 18 1/2 years and has loved every day of it. It seems like it will be a much better fit and if I am going to go back to work this would be a step up in my "career" not a step down.
It still is emotional for me. I would rather have J be whole. I have never really wanted a career per say, just kids. When I do work though I like to work, and I work hard, I couldn't handle sitting still all day, that would just make me think of my kids more and want to be with them. The job at the hotel would keep me busy and she said the days fly by. The thought of working in a hotel actually thrills me and if you remember a couple of posts ago I said this was the interview I was most excited about.
I will keep you posted
have a great weekend


Looney Mom said…
Those puppies are so cute. It would be good to keep one for protection.

The hotel job sounds so much better. I hope it all works out for you and J gets better day by day.
Just Being Me said…
I'm sorry your husband is not feeling well. I will pray for him. I don't blame you for not taking that receptionist job - sounds like God spared you.

You shouldn't have trouble with the puppies they are too cute. Hope all goes well with you.
mom of 2 said…
I think working in a hotel would be so interesting. There will always be new people in and out and I would imagine never a dull moment! I hope your interview goes well on Tuesday!

Hope J gets to feeling better soon...I will continue to pray for you guys!!
Nicole said…
The black and white one looks GREAT to keep. So cute and I love the name Roan.

I am SO glad that you found out about that job before you got it. The hotel one sounds great. I have always thought that it would be fun to work in one.
Nikkie said…
The black and white one looks so cute!

I've always wanted to work at a hotel. I think it would be fun and interesting.
Dawn said…
You are on quite a journey! I am so glad you found out the down side of the other job. There's nothing worse than being unhappy all day at a job!
Amber said…
Good decision on passing up that job. If I were you, I'd just stay home and tend to those DARLING puppies.

Oh, and I made mention of you today in my blog. Consider it a warning. :-)
Heidi said…
The puppies are adorable!! I've worked in a couple of hotels and they were one of my favorite jobs. You meet so many people (I also loved the uniforms you wear, I almost felt like a flight attendent! LOL

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