TGIF and random thoughts

oh man so glad the weekend is almost here! Tonight we are having family movie night, we are going to watch flicka . The girls are all horse crazy specially the oldest so I know it will be a good one. Who knew Tim McGraw could act as well as sing??? talented man there Faith Hill has!!

Today is Day 3 on my cleanse and it has been going well, I can tell it is working, uh hem, and I have the sweats today which means the toxins are leaving my body!!! yahhhhh. I do one called Re-Cleanse, it is really gentle, you can do it once a month even! This is my 3rd year in a row to do a cleanse and I think I am going to start doing it every 6 months now.

J is doing well, it seems like this new way of eating is being beneficial. We still feel more hopeful and that we are heading in the right direction.

I didn't hear back from the Bank this week like they said, I even called and left a message and got no reply so I am thinking that no news is bad news. I feel a little deflated but at the same time know that God is taking care of us. J and I are going to drive around today and drop my resume off at the local mills and plants and other places in the hope that someone is hiring and I fit the bill. In all this though I trust that I will get the job I am supposed to get and the details will be ironed out!

EDITED only 5 minutes after posting this the bank called and I have an in person interview on Tuesday morning at 10:30!!! oh me of little faith!!

We sold another puppy last night! yah so that is 2 gone 6 more to go. Our allergies are pretty bad and they chewed a wire for the garage doors and shorted the we need the $$ from the puppies to pay for the damage they have done!! nice eh?!

I have been saying to myself if 1 more thing goes wrong I am really going to lose it! last night our stand up freezer died. That was 1 more thing. I didn't lose it. I laughed. I had too. Between the built in vacuum system just dying for no reason that I can see ( I looked for teeth marks on cords but didn't find any!) and the garage doors and believe me when it is -10 out there you have to let your truck warm up for like 15+ minutes. Yesterday I let it warm up and thought I was good to go and started driving, by the time I hit the highway my windows started fogging up again and I couldn't clear them, I was literally yelling JESUS HELP I frantically swiped the windows with my hand. I don't know why it did that. I was doing 60 on a 90 stretch and had big semi's coming the other way and by the time I got to preschool (I was duty mom) I was shaking. So we manually pulled up the garage doors last night and parked inside, it is a pain to do it manually but I am not going to risk our lives again! that was freaky.
I have called an electrician from our church to come fix the vacuum system and our garage doors but he hasn't called us back yet. We also are going to go buy another freezer today, thank goodness for the Brick and don't pay till 2009!!!! and since the weather is cold and snowing again there is no more water draining into our basement. I kind of dread the Spring and the big melt down!!
So never say 1 more thing cuz it may just happen! so here's to the weekend and whatever life may bring!

so funny they all go thru that "I don't know how to smile phase!"

animals animals everywhere, and our noses drip, must get rid of the animals, or take a looney trip, animals animals everywhere, good thing they are cute!!!


holli said…
I was going to say - don't ask what more can happen.. everytime I do that, well, you know!!!

That being said, the freezer topping it off so sounds like our family. It's always just one. more. thing.

I'm so happy you got the job interview - YAY!!!!!

God is taking care of you all. You are so blessed - you have each other!!! And it's just a small thing, but I'm out here rooting for you!!!

Hugs my friend!!!
Nicole said…
Oh I hate those on more things. Sounds like you handled it well though. To me anyway. Ha.

My kids went through that phase of not knowing how to smile. Too bad my 10 year old is STILL in it. :) LOVELY!

So excited about the interview. I am praying for you to do well!!
Just Being Me said…
I'm very happy for your job interview and pray that all goes well.

Cute pictures of your girl and the animals. Good luck selling the other puppies.
Ruth said…
yah yah yah
sooo happy for you and the interview.
i overheard someone giving someone an interview for somesort of job. one of the questions they asked was
"if you could describe yourself as a smurf - which one would you be and why"
!!! soooo be thinking about that one incase you get asked it...
Morning Glory said…
Your pictures of your daughter and the dogs are so cute!

Good luck on the interview. That's exciting!
Meggles said…
You'll have to do a review of the movie. My sisters horse's name is kinda funny and it was named before the movie.

Congrats on the interview.

The puppies are so cute!!
Elle*Bee said…
You handled your garage door/freezer better than I did my well/pump. ;-)

Son #1 used to be very photogenic, but he too forgot how to smile (for the camera anyway) when he was about 5 ot 6 and never remembered. His school pix always look like the photographer is pointing a gun at him and saying "smile, darn it!" Sure, you see teeth, but he otherwise looks terrified. Like those natives that believed the camera the camera would steal their souls... If you can catch him when he's laughing, though, there's nothing more beautiful.
Your daughter is too cute!
Ruth said…
I am so glad to hear about the job interview and you will definately have to tell us about the movie 'flicka', I think my girls would enjoy watching it as well, it could be our 'f' movie!!
Dawn said…
YOu have lots going on right now - keep accentuating the positive! Best wishes on the interview - let us know!

Cute kids and puppies, but glad they're selling.

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