some good news

J was admitted to the hospital yesterday for 3 days of testing! FINALLY! he got to see the best Neurologist in BC! this after our family doctor majorly let us down. I am beginning to think it is who you know when you need to get results quickly in the medical world.

We feel so relieved that he is finally getting all the tests done. The Doctor is still pretty sure that J had the correct diagnosis of CIDP. This time though they will do the right treatments! So thanks for all the prayers we are so glad for things to finally be moving!

Yesterday I took Hailey to the naturalpath and they did her food intolerance test, apparently the testing they use is the best out there. It is all done by computers which blows my mind! Turns out she is allergic to dairy ( all dairy including butter and yogurt sour cream cottage cheese.....everything from a cow.....but she can have goat/sheep or soy milk products) , msg, red dye, cornstarch, caffeine, chocolate, Pepsi, coke, coffee, corn, popcorn, anise seed, saffron, butterscotch and corn syrup. So not too bad but apparently I really have to start reading labels as corn syrup and red dye are in many many things! He gave us some cod liver oil and natural antibiotics to put her on and the oil for all the kids to take. He said her lymph nodes are really large and over stressed. I am so glad that I took her in. It is good to get answers and start walking in the right direction. He is pretty sure that getting her off these things will start to improve her behaviour too!

got to run I have a Bible study here soon and then have to register Faith for Kindergarten for the fall and I have a parent orientation tonight for Morgan's Junior High School in the fall!!! ahhhh a busy day! and all I want to do is be with J in Vancouver :(


Elle*Bee said…
I'm glad J was able to get the tests he needs. Sadly, it IS often who you know... It shouldn't be, but sometimes it just is. More prayers that you find the answers you need so he can begin healing...

Hope Hailey is feeling better.
mom of 2 said…
So glad J is finally getting the testing he needs...keep us posted!!

Good luck with all of your sound busy!!
Art said…
Good news about the tests. I will be praying for you all!
Shash said…
Red dye IS in almost everything, they hide it well!! Have fun reading the labels but once you find out what it is - share it with the rest of us so that we don't have to do it!!! ;-)

on a side note --- red dye is listed as the WORST food item for children who have been labelled ADHD and ADD. No body should be eating it - that and ASPERTAME - death drug!!
Nicole said…
Jude can't have Red Dye either. It makes him BONKERS!! I mean it. I can ALWAYS tell when he's had some. Isn't that weird? I am glad that you found out what all she is allergic too though. That will be So helpful!!

I am so excited that J is actually going to someone who is really going to help and get the right information. I am still praying for ya'll!
Kristen said…
Glad to hear about J! Good news.

Wow, that stinks about Hailey's allergies. Especially the dairy stuff. Definitely good that you know this now, though! ;-)
Morning Glory said…
Well, that's good news about J's testing. We'll be anxious to hear the results when you're ready to share them.
PaPa said…
Slavica moved his truck off the street into the apartments parking space. His parents are coming by to pick up the keys and go visit J and bring his truck back to do some maintenance work on it. We'll go in tomorrow to visit.
Red dye - as soon as I eat something with it in - I have an itch - almost immediate the bodies warning signs go off.
I am a strong believer in barley Green for anyone especially those with allergies. I had in 1986 - 60% lung capacity - puffer and medicine to combat allergies - then the Idaho Yodeller introduced me to Barley Green - cleared it right up - no puffer and full lung capacity. Look up barley in the concordance and read the scriptures - many - vital food for the Israelites following the winter season - the green part is best for you.
Just Being Me said…
I'm so glad J got to see a specialist and they are running the proper test. My prayer is that they find the solutions that will bring a speedy recovery and him back home.

I pray also for Hailey. You hang in there. I keep you and your family in my prayers.
Ruth said…
that is a busy day
good thing you have that
FANCY coffee maker to make you coffee. coffee helps on those crazy days, heh?

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