say what??

This morning, bright and early after a series of events which seem to only happen to us!! uh 7 little puppies all being let into the house as the girls walk out the door to school and they immediately start their poopin and peein ways and foofoo and I try very hard to corral them back into the garage and then I feed them and send mama outside and she pushes her way back in spilling a gas can in the process hence making our house and garage wreak of gas fumes as I desperately try to get foofoo to preschool on time, what a concept, and get J to the natural path on time.......phew...........foofoo was on time...that's a record but J was not!

No matter

After seeing the neurologist again yesterday and having him spend 15 min looking for J's file and then FINALLY filling out the disability form and saying "I have only known J for 2 months, I don't know he is not doing so well" what??? say that again??? basically he said he was shocked that J didn't respond as well to the treatments that he had hoped he would. He ordered another round of treatment as well as physical therapy at the outpatient neurological centre in the hospital.

Needless to say we left feeling disappointed and wondering if this doctor knows anything.

So we made a HUGE financial step and went to see a recommended Natural path. Boy was he great! He made us feel listened too! He even wanted to spend a few hours researching CIDP before he decided what tests to do with J and what steps to take. So we talked a lot got some history and then J went back at 2. Meanwhile he told us to get the blood test results that they did on J with the neurologist so that he can see what he was already tested for. That in itself was a huge boost of confidence for me since I am not one to rely on kooky tests alone. I have been to many a whacked out natural path in my childhood, so the sceptic in me is alive and well. He did a food intolerance test on J and it read no white flour, white anything really!, no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, no dairy, no red meat with the exception of buffalo and venison once a week. He can have whole grains and all veggies and fruits, almonds cashews and flax seeds. Then he read J's blood tests that were done on Jan 9th.....almost a month ago.......and he read them to J...... J has type 2 diabetes and the neurologist never told him!!! like what???? say what???? can you say that again??? a flood of anger swiftly came over me when he got home and told me WHAT THE!!!!! um just a minor thing to know. So diet is crucial for J now, um hello mr smart went to university specialist, like this would have been information needed a month ago? (ok anyone else picture Adam Sandler sitting on the front step of his house in the movie wedding singer yelling that???....just me??? oh ok moving on)

Changes are needed

I have already been making baby steps on making wiser food decisions and now I am kind of stepping that up to say the least. We are going to be eating way more fish! in fact I bought some fresh white fish, don't remember what kind, just the cheapest they had!!! hey there are 6 of us! and some salmon steaks for tomorrow night. I also had bought some wild/brown rice and so I made that tonight in my rice cooker and my kids loved it! they also loved the fish and wished there was more! like what??? say that again??? I being redundant with that?
Tomorrow I am planning on making some home made cookies with brown sugar and real butter. I am going to eliminate overly sugary snacks for the kids and I have already stopped buying juice. All good things to start on a new way of life. It will be better for all of us.

So now we have almost $300 in different vitamin kind of pills and hope that with exercise and diet and of course the Lord, J will overcome this. The rest of us will also be eating better. I am also going to be doing a 7 day cleanse starting tomorrow, I was supposed to start today but with this morning I didn't get a chance to prepare my allowed food! I try to do a cleanse once a year and J is going to do a colon cleanse as I should stock up on toilet paper too....and yes I just did say that!


ruth said…
oh wow. that is huge. I understand the whole feeling like your not being listened to deal with Drs. Been there
done that.

shalom my friend.
San&Dan said…
Wow that is alot to happy you have gone to a natural path - nutrition is key.... the vitamins will give J that boost along with what is recommended to eat.... his health will a bit confused as to who foofoo was .....
Shash said…
I knew your day was going fun like but I hadn't heard about the doctors incompetance (is that how you spell it?). It helps if you know all the facts! Keep pressing forward, do all that you can.
Nicole said…
Oh girl. I CANNOT believe that news. What in the world? Type 2 Diabetes? I am so glad that you have finally found someone that you think is leading you down the right path and giving you ANSWERS!

I know it is going to be hard changing all of your eating habits, but YOU CAN DO IT!! I am very proud of you and I know your family is too. You are an awesome mom and wife. Hang in there!
Just Being Me said…
I left it in your message box, but here it is - Have fun.

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That's it. Make sure you return to your regular mode to type words before or after the hmtl code.

Sorry about your experience with the neurologist. I will keep you and J in my prayers. Nadine
MugwumpMom said…
Wow, type 2 diabetes - that will also mean no more and other alcohol is loaded with sugar.
Did you ask the MD why he never told you guys J had type 2? Given you are new patients to him, he may have simply assumed that this was a historical thing that you already knew...if he hasn't read all your history and talked to your old MD's, he wouldn't necessarily have known it was something new. Sorry, but I'm playing the "clarify assumptions before you get mad" game...which of course, you don't want to hear right now!
Still praying for you guys.
Shash said…
You need to get your files from your old doctor, you can actually request your file and carry it with you where ever you go. It's under the privacy act.

Well at least you're in a good province for all that fish you have to consume!! We have fresh 'farmed' fish or frozen Atlantic stuff - yuck and mushy!! Nothing beats Alaskan Haddock and Pacific Salmon!! It's so good for your skin and hair too, you'll shine like the stars in Hollywood. Get those Trivita B12's as well!!!!
Kristen said…
You know...sometimes doctors really pi$$ me off!! Most of the time I feel like they're just itching to get you out of their office and collect their co-pay. Who has time to actually diagnose someone correctly?!?! That's a malpractice suit just waiting to happen!!

I'm glad you found out some news from someone who seems to care. Now you can start to take care of him. Good grief. I'm angry for you!
Morning Glory said…
That's just horrid!! I would definitely get a copy of all his files from the previous doctor. Ask for a copy of them. One time I had files forwarded to the new doctor and the new doctor could not give me copies of the files from the old doctor. He could only give me copies of what was accumulated since going to him. So get your own copies from the previous doctor before he transfers them to the new one. I don't know if that rule still exists, but it was frustrating.
Heidi said…
UGH!! Doctors...don't get me started. I'm so sorry for all your frustrations and everything you guys have gone through! Making these wise healthy food choices will be good for all. Keep on plugging through - my prayers are always with you. -Heidi
holli said…
I can not freaking believe they missed that. I would be completely hacked.

I've heard a diabetic diet is really healthy, so maybe it will help everyone?

Give my hugs to J - you all have a lot on your plate right now. But I know you're going to make it through this with flying colors. Because you have each other and faith.

Looney Mom said…
That's horrible "service." I'm so glad someone finally figured it out. It sounds like you're making great changes for ALL of your health. It can seem overwhelming and difficult to break old habits, but "nothing is impossible with God." That is so comforting. God bless you guys.
Nikkie said…
wow. That is a lot. How the hell did Mr. Specialist miss the diabetes? Thats kind of a big deal huh?

Sorry that all of this had to unfold all at once.
mom of 2 said…
How could they leave out something so important??? That is unbelievalbe that they wouldn't at least mention it!! I would have been furious as well!

Hopefully the natural path will help and he'll be on the mend soon!!!!!
Dawn said…
Unbelievable!! Just a few minor details left out. Yikes!!
Elle*Bee said…
Wow. Just wow. Did you call the doctor and ask him to explain how he overlooked something as significant at that?

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