Parental Responsibility

Because of what has been happening to Morgan at school and thinking of this boy I have been thinking all last night about parental responsibility. Read my last post to know what happened.

I know there have been some court cases where parents have been held accountable for their children's actions. I think if the parents know what their children are up too and haven't done anything about it then absolutely they should be held accountable.


what if they don't know? what if they have no idea the true nature of their child? is that still their responsibility? some children are very good actors and liers! I know that my kids have told me some lies and I believed them! I had NO idea that Morgan was being bullied by this boy. She told me about a friend situation but not about this. So how do you know what they take care in hiding from you? The boy's parents went to the school yesterday right after they were called to have a meeting about it. Maybe they had no idea? and yet is that a good enough reason not to be held accountable?

what do you think?


Jenmomof4 said…
I am so sorry about Morgan. Kids can be so cruel! I have talked till I was blue in the face to my big girls about saying or doing things that can hurt someones feelings. They are very aware of what goes on at school and have told me about other kids and what they have said or done to other kids. I hope What I tell them is sinking in.

On another not..I just put up my Taco Soup recipe. Go check it out. It will be great for you to make in your crock pot when you start working. Your house will smell so good when you come home.
Yokooso said…
WOw! This is thoughts: I think are that, really the parents SHOULD try and know ALL that their children are doing...although this IS impossible really if the parents and child do not have a very close relationship and therefore the child keeps things from their parents. If this be the case then the parents do have a bit of a problem and perhaps should be kept accountable for their children's actions, because it would encourage the parents to some how create that much needed intamcy the child is obviously lacking.
Morning Glory said…
I'm so sorry this is going on.

What struck me is that the teacher told you it had been going on for several weeks, yet the teacher didn't contact you. It seems to me that the teacher has some responsibility in involving the parents and children together to make it stop before it goes on for several weeks! I think follow up with the teacher would be important at this point. Find out how the meeting went with the other parents.
Lala's world said…
the teacher didn't know until yesterday as well, Morgan hid this from everyone! and I am going in to the school today to see how the meeting went!
Ruth said…
i think it is great that you are putting all the cards on the table. i went through this in high =school and hide it as well. i think that i thought that if i told on them they would bug me even more and all i wanted to do was be invisible.
God bless you my friend.
Dawn said…
Okay, so I'm on both ends of this discussion, which you may know if you've read Kristen's and Kevin's and my posts. Kristen was being bullied in 6th grade (over 20 years ago) and never said a thing to us. It came out during her anorexia treatment. When we asked her why she never told us, she said it would have made things worse, and besides she thought we knew. I don't know how we were supposed to know. Then - as for the boys and the parents knowing. We felt like we had a good handle on our kids' activities and what was going on in their lives when they were young. But I have just in the last two weeks found out stuff about Kev in grade school that he has told here in cyberspace. It is astonishing. So, yes, good parents can be clueless, believe me!
PaPa said…
Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.! how we wish this was true for all. When we are young and tender we are also volnerable to this and the hits take a toll on our image. We usually carry this low self esteem into our adult life and some always never overcoming it. Words are containers - they can bring hurt or encouragement. That is why we need to guard our tongue. Did you know that little member of our body never wears out, and has the ability to redirect a person either for bad or good. Words - choose them wisely.
Just Being Me said…
When my son was in middle school he got off the bus and 4 kids threw rocks at him. He ran home and called me at work. I called the school. The principal said he couldn't do anything because they were off the bus already.

So I called the police as the principal suggested, but made it clear that I wanted them to just go to the kids home and not take them in or have anything on their records. I wanted their parents to be aware. Three of the four came to my home with their parents. The parents apoligized and so did their sons. It never happened again.

So what about the 4th child - well his parents were use to be called upon.

I pray that the Lord give you wisdom and protect your child from any more trouble.
Clan Schmitt said…
Some parents, although they know what their child is doing, feel that kids need to work it out. This is usally the parent of the assulting party.
if the parents had not a clue what was happening they are now responsible from the point of knowing to be accountable to their child ie...taking away privilages.
It can be so hard for kids that are being bullied and teased.
Papa you are right it does affect your self-esteem right into adulthood.
so something to pray against in Morgan's situation.
God Bles and happy to hear the news about J as well.
We are continuallly praying for him.

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