I just got a call from Morgan's teacher asking how she is doing at home. I mentioned a couple of posts ago that she has really slimmed down, her teacher has noticed too. I really don't think it is an eating problem though, she has been picking at her dinners a little more lately but she usually eats a huge snack after school. When we eat out she orders a full sized meal and can generally almost eat the entire thing. I still will be watching though and her teacher is going to make sure she eats her lunch at school.

She was crying at school this morning cuz we are getting rid of Shelby, the momma dog. She got out, well broke out of the garage is more like it, this morning around 2am, with 3 little puppies following her. They woke up one of our neighbors and she took off but they managed to catch the puppies and bedded them down for the night in their garage. They were returned to us at 6:30 am.......thanks..............and also mentioned they get annoyed by how much one of our dogs barks. Um that is annoying cuz we live on 4.5 acres and there is wild life around.....yes that makes dogs bark..........we hear other dogs barking all the time. J asked if they have seen our dogs barking and they said no, so he said then how do you know it was ours? everyone has dogs around here!!!


Shelby is leaving today, there is someone who wants her. In fact they bought 2 puppies and are going to bring back the female puppy in exchange for Shelby. We said that was fine as we don't want Shelby breaking in and out of the garage anymore and hurting the puppies by teaching them her bad behavior. She is a nice dog but runs away way too often and we are just done. We have way too much going on to be dealing with her too.

Morgan was crying about it at school. What we don't understand is why when we say go play with the dogs that they all whine and cry and don't want to do it, but they are sad that we are selling her?? she also has been having friend issues at school, I know big surprise there, pubescent girls fighting??? who knew such a thing was possible? Now add to that all that is going on with J, he is driving down to the Coast tomorrow to go to the Big City hospital to get a second opinion, and the girls have been upset about me having to go back to work, this cold/flu thing that we are passing back and forth, I seem to have been hit with it again and am sick right now .....and you have an overwhelmed family.


Kristen said…
Wow. Sounds like it's all a little bit overwhelming!

Keep your eye on Morgan, though, k? ;-)
Theresa said…
Her world is changing, sounds to me like typical behavior when everything around you is changing. When the father stays home because of a loss of job, kids become frightened, but because her dad is sick and not working, I would bet that she is really having a hard time.

A lot is going on in your family and even though we trust in God, some kids still have hard times adjusting to change and worry.

You are still in my prayers.
Shash said…
Keep an eye open but I wouldn't be too worried, exchanging baby fat for a woman's body is what I went through. It's an awkward stage, remember the guys at school called me "TT" because I went from tom-boy to Whoa-man! If you don't know what TT is... they thought I stuffed my bra!

I also totally agree with Theresa, the kids interpret stuff so differently than we do and see things through different lenses.

I'm home all night, I'll give you a shout.
Dawn said…
You all have a lot on your plates right now - it is hard on everyone to have so many changes at once. Trusting that things level out for you!

Kev and I have #3 up!
Just Being Me said…
Overwhelmed sums it up from what you wrote. Children don't always react well to so many changes and it comes out in ways we don't expect. I will continue to keep your family in prayer.

My husband a few years back was off of work due to an injury and things were tough. I understand.

So Lord I pray for grace for this lovely family. I pray that you give them your strength. I pray Father that wisdom would guide Lala and her husband in dealing with their daughter. I pray for a good report as J heads for a 2nd opinion. Amen
mom of 2 said…
I'm so sorry you all are going through all of this! I understand about not paying attention to pets then getting all upset with they have to leave or die. We've gone through that before with our kids and they usually get over it pretty quickly. Maybe with everything else that is going on she is more upset about the dog than she normally would be.

Hope you are feeling better soon and that all goes well with J's second opinion!!
Nikkie said…
That does sound very overwhelming. I can see how its so hard for you and for Morgan.
Nicole said…
My kids do the same thing with our dog, but they would have a fit if we got rid of her too. I think it is just one of those things.

I bet things around your house are pretty stressed right now(they sound like it), I bet she is just stressed. A lot of people lose weight without trying when they are stressed. Ya know? Just keep an eye on her. I hope everything gets back to normal soon.
Looney Mom said…
Oh sister. I feel your pain. It just seems to never end. Praying you get some rest.

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