Inappropriate name calling

Today I took our 2 puppies to the school for Emily's show and tell. They are really so cute and it was cute watching her stand in front of her class trying to hold on to a wiggly puppy and give facts about them.

While I was there I decided to walk down to Morgan's class with the puppies as she wanted to show them off too. It was the end of the school day so I knew it would be ok.

Her teacher came up to me and asked if she could talk to me privately.

Oh no, I thought, what happened, what did she do???

Her teacher, who I love btw, asked me how J is doing and how I am doing. Then she said "as if Morgan hasn't been through enough" and started to tell me how my girl has been bullied for the past several weeks by some boys. She did the right thing by telling them to STOP and then when they continued said she was going to tell an adult what they were saying. They all stopped but 1. The one boy actually told her that he likes watching the pain he causes others. This is a grade 7 boy, talk about a character flaw! I told the teacher that I want an apology letter to Morgan and J and myself from the boy AND his parents! I also want to make sure that he doesn't just get let off the hook. What he said was brutal and the name he called Morgan was not just mean, it was rude and totally inappropriate!

I walked out of the school and started to cry. I have been crying off and on all night. I can't believe she was going through this alone. I hope now she will tell me if stuff like this happens again, right away. I talked to all the girls about telling an adult the first time they are called bad names. Morgan is a little afraid of last year repeating itself. Last year she had a terrible time with grade 6 girls and was hurt badly. This was one reason we moved.

I felt like oh man, what is happening to my family? why are we under such attack?

She felt embarrassed about all the kids finding out what name she was being called, it was that bad! and she cried so hard at school, but surprisingly she stayed the rest of the day and didn't want to be seen as a wimp. Her teacher was shocked as she has a tendency to be a bit dramatic about injuries and over emotional! but she granted her wish.

I hope this boy learns his lesson. My dad said we need to pray for him and his family, so tonight after the little ones go to sleep cuz you know they are still awake WAY TOO late! we are going to pray together for her and for this boy and for his family. Not that I want too, I want to be mad and scream and make a huge noise, but I know that won't accomplish as much as prayer and forgiveness. Boy we sure are learning a lot right now and not the easy way.

update on J: J saw a doc from our family doc's office today, he is going to see our family doc on Wed and meanwhile the office is getting the ball rolling to get him in to a new Neurologist ASAP. So we wait.
Meanwhile tomorrow I am taking Hailey in to the naturalpath to have her food intolerance testing done. The naturalpath feels so strongly that the girls need to be tested that he said we could just pay what we can, understanding that our income right now is based on the generosity of others! I want to give the girls the best chance at a healthy life.
I also heard from my new employer, I start March 15. I just hope J will be back before that!


holli said…
I'm so sorry. I have lived the mean girls in my own life, and I'm watching it all over again with the younger girls in my family. I feel like I need to read an ocean of books to know how to handle it WHEN it happens to Faith. I hate when people trivialize the effect this has on children!!!

And some people live in la la land no matter what - they think their kids don't bully, that kids should just deal. I'm sorry - you have got to be so stressed. I wish there was something I could do. :(

I'm glad you found someone that will let you pay as you can. I'm praying for you all.

Art said…
I know how you feel with the bullying. Our son went through that. HE actually got in trouble because he had had so much that he finally exploded at this other kid... and he had told no one. We had a long talk after that. As parents, we want to defend our children and feel like screaming or fighting, but I think the best thing is to do as you did and set a strong but loving example.
Good luck with this situation.
Amber said…
Kids can be sooooooo mean. And as for J, the waiting game is sometimes the toughest part. My hubs went through that same thing for ages with his heart condition and latest rheumatism bouts. You are doing marvelously during all the stress and heartache. Just hang in there....
Just Being Me said…
That is a horrible thing for a young child to endure and she did it alone. She probably didn't want to burden you.

I continue to pray for J to have a good report and success.
mom of 2 said…
Kids can be so brutal! It's good that you know now and can help her through it. I hope it gets better for her!
Ruth said…
i'm sorry.
i went through that in school - grades 9 -12 the boys completely verbally abused me. it was so hard and my self esteem was really reaally low.
after grade 12 3 of the 5 boys came to me and apologized for their behaviour. i was in shock.
i will pray for your girl. and for you!

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