How do you solve a problem like ......

Do you know what movie that song is from?

I am inserting Hailey my 6 year old in grade 1

How do you solve a problem like Hailey?

well first I guess I need to change my word "problem" to blessing! my mom taught me the power of words and her positive confessions over me really did change me.

you see

I was in every sense a problem child, just ask any of my 3 older sisters (11,10 and 2 years older than me) they would be happy to tell you of all the bratty things I did..........embarrassing them with their boyfriends ( I actually hung their feminine monthly products on our Christmas tree moments before their boyfriends came over) to bugging..( I remember banging on the door for them to let me into the bathroom, we only had 1 at the time, until the opened it and I would go in and not really have to "go" and say whatcha doing? they hated that)....yah I was a royal pain in the butt! I tended to be a trouble maker stirring up problems and causing fights.

My mom spoke the opposite over me. Instead of saying oh lala why are you such a trouble maker? she said. Lala, you are a peace maker, taught of the Lord and you listen to your mom and dad and it shall go well with you. Now that's a confession!

it changed me

today I am a peace maker not a trouble maker

I think I have shared this before but oh well my blog so going to say it again!!! when I was in Africa with YWAM at 17 years old and got ecoli, I really thought I was going to die. I lost 30 pounds in the 6 months that I was there. I called my mom totally fearful the worst was going to happen to me. My mom heard my voice and heard how weak I was and was thinking in her mind the fastest way to get to Kenya to save her baby daughter BUT what she said was this. Lala you have honored your mother and father which is the first commandment with a promise, so it shall go well with you. It was like an electrical volt went from her end of the phone in White Rock British Columbia Canada to Likoni Kenya Africa! we both felt it. My spirit received it. The Word had been spoken over me my entire life, I was taught and conformed by the Word. In my time of trouble the spoken Word was LIFE to me!

now I have what the world would call a trouble maker, in fact she has been in the principal's office twice this week alone!! once for squirting water at a girl in her class and the second time for standing on the toilet in the bathroom and looking over the top of the stall.......where a teacher was!!! yah acting without thinking first!!


She is a peace maker, a woman of God who thinks and listens before she acts. She is taught of the Lord, which means she IS teachable!!!, and great shall her inheritance be. I need to say this over her every day, some days I forget, some days I allow myself to get really frustrated with her and say negative things, I need to choose my words over her wisely and speak positive over her.

She is a free spirit that with the right direction and focus will become a tenacious warrior, a peace maker, and a Godly woman who will walk in her destiny all the days of her life. So how do you solve a blessing like Hailey? you don't solve her, you teach her, encourage her, speak life over her and trust the Lord cuz she is in His hands!


Nicole said…
I'm telling you. You have some of the best posts that just speak to my heart. I am always amazed at how you write things and how they touch me. I love that your mom said that to you. I have 3 girls and 1 boy and of course we have at LEAST one that really isn't the TROUBLE MAKER, but gets in trouble more than the others. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that your mom had the wisdom to not say that you were a trouble maker, but a peace maker. I never say that to my kids, but I will be confessing them being peace makers from now on. I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!

I am almost in tears writing this, yep, here they come... I just needed this today. Thank you for always knowing what someone might need to hear, even though these posts are for you. They touch MANY!!
Nicole said…
Elle*Bee said…
But isn't another verse in that song, "how do you catch a moonbeam in your hand?" Perhaps there's no way to solve such a wonderful 'problem'. Just keep building her up. Eventually we just might come to see ourselves the way others do. That's the beauty of positive reinforcement. (Of course, the opposite is true as we so sadly see everyday on the news...)
Ruth said…
awww. AMEN lala - speakin truth!
you word believin
faith talkin
armor wearin
sword carryin
born again
child of the King!
Dawn said…
She sounds like a little pistol! I love your idea. I always read and heard about speaking only blessings on our children, but I'm afraid I failed miserably most of the time.
Anonymous said…
I second all that you just said about your daughter, in Jesus' name!! I should start doing this with my daughter, you're not a 10 year old tantrum thrower, you're an easy laid back child. Ha!
Looney Mom said…
Oh Lala. Your mother is a wise woman and hence she also raised a wise daughter. That is brilliant. I need to put that into practice. I know that I too often yell negativity at my kids when they misbehave. Thanks for this post sister.
Just Being Me said…
What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your heart, your love and your wisdom in such a encouraging way.
Shash said…
I started crying remembering when you called. It was like those good-bye calls you see in movies.

We have an incredible inheritance that we need to pass on to our children. What a shame if it only went one generation? Imagine what great faith warriors we are building - they will and should go beyond us and it will and should be easier for them than it was for us.

Thanks for the reminder La.

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