Famine to Feast

Today was a crazy day. First I sold another puppy! so that makes 3 down 5 to go! and I got the call that I told you about earlier for another job interview on Wed morning, then I got a call from ANOTHER place that I applied too and I have an interview on Friday morning! so 3 interviews in 1 week after applying for jobs for about a month now! Makes me feel so much better! The job interview that I think I really want, I will know more after the interviews I am sure, is the one on Friday. It suites what I have done for work in the past and I think gives me a lot of room to grow! If I am having to go back to work, which I am, then I want to love what I do and do it well and succeed. I hate sitting still at work. I love challenges and love learning new things and that feeling of accomplishment! So I am excited.........BUT..........very nervous too, I hope I sleep well tonight.

My friend let me borrow some of her fabulous clothes for my interviews! love you Sandra, your the best! needless to say my wardrobe is lacking, either they are too tight um ya well say it ain't so but it is what it is.....or.... they are so baggy that I look like frump woman!
Speaking of clothes, I took Morgan to get a pair of dress pants for church cuz our church is dressier than what we have been used to for awhile, and she hates wearing skirts, makes a big deal about it every Sunday. It was really weird shopping with her at stores I shop at! anyways it was interesting that in August when we were shopping for her school clothes, cuz she is going to public school now and had been going to traditional where they have a dress code, phew sorry for all the run on sentences!.... and it was so difficult for me to find anything that fit her. She had that half woman half child body. I ended up buying her women's size 6. Now a little over 5 months later and she fits a size 2 petite! like what gives??? guess her chubby is going and the little girl is disappearing into the woman! seriously a strange moment for me! shopping at the same store as me! but add a 10 to her size and well yah that's me! She also has the same size feet as me already...size 9 yah I know we gots HUGE feet for not being tall people. At least I am not tall, she is almost as tall as me and she is not yet 13, so who knows how tall she is going to be. Am I rambling? ahhhhh my nerves!!!!!!

Also today our family doctor from the Coast, called to say that he had been away on vacation for the past month and J does NOT have type 2 diabetes......can you believe that??? he said that his sugar levels are above the range they should be, so he does need to correct his way of eating or he will develop the diabetes but for now he does not have it. Bizarre. We feel relieved but know that changing our way of eating is still the plan of action that this family needs to take, so we carry on. We are thinking about getting a second opinion from a neurologist about J's diagnosis. I also got some information on what we are entitled too with J being off work for so long and we really don't know when he will be able to go back. The CPP disability takes 4 months to process! LIKE OH MY....so glad that I have 3 job interviews this week! BUT I also know that God is our Provider, not me. My mom told me the other night that there was an anonymous donation that came to her for J and I. So I know that God is looking out for us and we can trust in Him. Cast your bread upon the water right?

ok I will probably do an update later to let you know how this first interview goes, thanks again for all your support and your prayers!

EDITED: so I think I did pretty well! I got the job at the bank! yah me. The interview was actually quite easy and I think it is safe to say that I passed with flying colors. Now to get thru the next 2 interviews! the pay at the bank, is not so great and after the training they cannot garuntee full time hours, which is what I need right now. The job also doesn't start until the END of March, kind of a long time to wait when J is not working yet! so...hopefully one of the other jobs will have more to offer. Thanks for all the votes of confidence.


Nicole said…
I just would feel really weird about someone telling me that my husband had Type 2 D, and then someone saying no that isn't true. SO bizarre. I would not even think twice about that second opinion.WOW.

Consider this: MY 4th grader. She is 10, wears a size 8!!!!! She is going to be tall too, but I hope so, cause a size 8 needs a tall body to go on.
Just Being Me said…
So glad about your husband not having diabetes. Really weird the two opinions.

I'll pray you get the job that will be a blessing to you.

Wait until you daughter wears the same size as you in clothes and goes through your closet. Now that's an experience looking at her and saying - hey I've seen that before. :)
Morning Glory said…
I would be a rambling idiot with three job interviews staring me in the face. Good luck to you.

And yes, God IS our provider. It looks like He's on His way to providing work for you. PTL!
Amber said…
Whew, what a relief about your husband. But how exciting about your job interviews! I'll be tuning back in!
Shash said…
I have a lot of clothes to send out to Morg's then, I've shape shifted - having 4 kids within 7 years does that to a person!! - so I'll send out all the size smalls I have. I don't have any size 9 shoes - I'm about an 8 depending on the store and if it's from the US or Canada, wierd I know. I'm rambling - you've passed it on!!

Now that I know what size she is, when I'm in the US I'll keep her in mind - they have such better prices than us! She'll have to fly out here during a summer and we'll take her around and take her shopping, she's almost the age that Jared came out. Wow! I suddenly feel old.

You'll do well in your interviews this week. Why? 'Cause you're my sister!! Na... 'cause of the one who is in you is greater than anything or anyone else! As a daughter of the King and a joint - heir with Jesus - you have favour with man and with God.


Because our Father - delights in you!! And it's not because of what you've done but because of what His Son did for you!! Isn't that great?!!
Nikkie said…
I'd be looking for a second opinion too, just to get something that confirms one of them! Good luck on all of your interviews, I hope you get the one you want!
Mike said…
First time here. Hope you don't mind, and hope you ace all three job interviews (and find the right workplace for you).

Have a great Valentines.

mom of 2 said…
Good for you on the job interviews...I hope you are able to get the one you want! And also yay for selling puppies!

That is so awesome about the donation coming in for you guys...what a great thing!

I always tend to think that a second opinion is never a bad idea. Doctors are human and do at times make mistakes.
Elle*Bee said…
That's great about the interviews! I hope you're offered the one that best suits your interests and talents.

Very interesting about the Type 2 diabetes. I'd get a second opinion...if for no other reason that to be sure that no one is missing anything crucial.
Dawn said…
Wow, that was a lot of thoughts in one day! Interviews can be so harrowing, but sounds like you aced the first one!
PaPa said…
Hey - I'll send some of my size 10 1/2 shoes just in case!!!!
You in our family got good sized feet from me, who got it from my dad who got them from his dad who got it from his dad who got it from his MOM.
Hopefully Morgan's feet stop growing while she gets taller - than you. I too looked down on my under 5 foot Mother.
You also have favour - everywhere you set your size ??? feet.
Ashley said…
It sounds like you are on your way!! Thank you so much for the kind comment...
Looney Mom said…
Wow! It's so hard to remember that the docs are just people who DON"T know everything. I pray that God provides the wisdom to one who will give you that info once and for all.

Praying for your job situation. God is the author after all. You'll know which one is the right one when you get it!

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