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OK I am totally stealing this from my friend, Holli, but I so forget all the cute moments and things my kids have said. Before I knew it they are not toddlers anymore and, ahhhh, deep sigh, my baby is going to Kindergarten this Fall!!

I have been sick all day, a bit feverish and just feel like crap on a stick. The girls have kind of been passing the fever back and forth and ya well sometimes it gets me too. So I have been lounging around in my sweats and tank top and nodding off and on on the reclining couch, oh how I love that couch!! anyways, I have been a bit of an emotional sick too, as I said a couple of posts ago I feel like I am emotionally crashing a bit, and on a cleanse.....why do I have such GREAT timing??? and now I am sick and so have been weepy all day. Every time J came into the tv room I begged him for a kiss and a hug cuz I know all he needs is to catch whatever this is! and I said "J I need your lovin".....and Faith seizes the opportunity to jump on me and try to smother me with kisses and says " I give you lovin".....so I thank her and then she says " who's lovin do like more, daddy's lovin or my lovin?".... I laugh..... she says " well, who's is it?" more laughter and hugs and she was content to lie her head on my shoulder and snuggle me for a bit. Man the love of a child.........I am so blessed to have 4........and the love of a husband......of more than 11 years.............so blessed am I.

Tomorrow J starts another round of the treatment at the hospital for the CIDP. He is a bit nervous cuz he doesn't want to get sick and last time it made him really sick. He is going to ask for extra fluids as that seemed to help on his last day last time. I pray I will be better in the morning so I can be prepared for the interview on Tues. They told me there will be 4 of them interviewing me at the one time...and NOT to be intimidated by that.....um ok I like haven't been interviewed for a job since I was 18....um that is a long long long time ago!

EDITED: Monday morning, I am feeling better this morning and I just got a phone call from another place I applied too for an interview on Wednesday morning!! yah me! hehehe


Shash said…
I wanted to call you all weekend but I had a crazy time. Talk to you soon.

You'll do fine on the interview - we come from very confident stock!!
Just Being Me said…
I'm sure you'll handle the interview just great. I pray that you feel better and in the best possible physical health.

Hope all goes well for your husband.
Clan Schmitt said…
Hey Lala, you will do awesome on the interview, all you need to be is yourself.
cause gosh...people like you. lol
I loved that stage that Faith is at, they just love and accept so unconditionally.

redheads said…
AHH.... Faith is so cute. Nugget is not at that point yet. I miss it so much. The older kids are not much into cuddling now, but I do get some loving from them time and time again.
I am sure that you will do great in the interview tomorrow, and I will pray for you as well. I hope your feeling better and that it doesn't get passed on to J. I will also pray for J while he is going through the treatments again.
Nikkie said…
I'm glad that you are feeling better today. Good luck on the interview!

You are so right, there is nothing like the love of your children.
Nicole said…
I am glad that you are feeling better. It never is fun when mom feels bad.

I am the same way with my family. I just long for their touch and to be near them. I "crave" it it seems.
Kristen said…
Congratulations on the job interview! I hope it goes fantastic!

Glad you're feeling better. I woke up this morning with the mother of all sinus headaches. Winter is such fun.
Elle*Bee said…
YAY you! Good luck with the interview and hope hubby's treatment goes well.
Judys stories said…
hey I know I dont leav very many comments but I do read your blog everyday you have one. Judt to let you knwo I wil be praying for you the next few days. good luck with your interviews I know you will do wonderful. I use to love it when the kids came up with stuff like that. My kids still somtimes will still say how much they love me and give me big hugs. it gives me goose bumps all over.They also say gross when they see Ron give me a kiss. as the kid put it lol.
Dawn said…
Good news at the end!! Blessings on you and the interviews and the other stuff in your life - and thank God for little children who light up our lives! And for wonderful husbands!

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