I got the Hotel to bump the interview up to this morning and it looks like I am going to get this 3rd job as well!

I went to the second job for half a day today..... thanks Elle*Bee for your comment... you kind of hit the nail on the head. It was aweful, I felt like crying the whole time. I kept saying to myself "oh no what did I do". So............. I am going to call her and tell her in the morning, that it isn't a good fit!

I have felt sick all day......nerves probably but Faith threw up tonight and her and Morgan have fevers.

This is all so much. Going from nothing to too much. Did you know I don't like making decisions? I don't. So much is on my shoulder's right now.

I'll write more tomorrow. Must try to sleep tonight because I haven't almost all week.


hollibobolli said…
I am sick upon sick upon sick. Literally. I so wish you lived within calling distance (I don't think you do? I don't know.. we have long distance, but I don't know if that includes Canada - LOL!)

I think it's a good sign on the jobs.. go with your gut (not the nausea) and find somewhere that you will be happy. You know I speak from experience.. a bad job can make you SICK.

Praying for you all.

Get some rest.

mom of 2 said…
I hope that you are able to find the job that suits you best and where you'll be happy! Hope your girls get better soon and that you and J don't get it!!! Take care!
Morning Glory said…
Praying for wisdom for you to make the best choice. New jobs can be so terrifying, but I'm sure you'll land the perfect one.
Looney Mom said…
Oh wow. I don't like to make big decisions like that either. So sorry. Get some rest!
Nikkie said…
wow. I would be having a hard time with this too. To go from nothing to so many offers like that is just so overwhelming!
Elle*Bee said…
Hey, you have to trust your instincts. God will help you make the right decision. Sorry to hear the girls aren't feeling well. Hugs to all.

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