A year of bloggin

I can hardly believe that it has been a year since I started bloggin! It has actually been over a year but with everything going on I kind of missed the actual anniversary.

When I first started to blog it was because I was thouroughly addicted to Xangelle's blog and had to have one of my own. For the first 2 weeks it was all I could think about......I was constantly checking my blog for comments......I was facinated by this whole other world and quickly finding more blogs to read. From the beginning there are only 3 blogs that I still read almost every day, Xangelle, baby-faith, and procrastamom (formally known as desperate2bhousewife). Other bloggers that I used to read have either stopped bloggin for different reasons or....to be honest....I just lost interest in, and I am sure that has happened towards me too. Reading blogs for awhile you kind of get to know that person, well as much as they want you too I guess. Along the way I have found some other blogs of women who I have really come to admire and get inspiration from. My sister and my cousin also began to blog and some of my sister's friends as well. It is a great way to keep in contact with loved ones far away and keep them informed on our daily lives. It has been a great support group, therapy and prayer circle. I can't imagine not bloggin anymore....even though I am sure that J would like me to do it less and he is home all the time now and learning HOW MUCH time I really spend on here!!! ahhhh yah so over the year I think I have learned a better balance.

At times I enjoy a good banter that a certain topic brings and I enjoy reading all the comments it brings. Learning that it is ok to have differing opinions and what a better world we have because we are not all the same! I try to keep my blog non-political.....but that is the Canadian in me and we are pretty easy going people.....sometimes too easy going!! I try not to be too negative and I try to be as real as I can. I don't talk about personal conflicts with my husband, I honestly don't think this is the place for that........speaking of which :) .... we are actually doing amazingly well together considering the stress and everything we are going thru right now, it is so great! I enjoy the advice I get and listening to people different experiences or approaches on what I am going thru. I love learning that our world is a lot smaller then it seems and people still do generally care.

Since I am an honest person there is no pretending that I don't love the comments...... I know I have a lot of hits on my blog every day and I have a lot of family that are just lurkers.....(that means people who read but don't leave comments!).... but it does really feel good when I get a lot of comments.....not much pride there eh?! hehehe I like the feedback and people's opinions, even if they don't agree with me, I like to think I am mature enough to handle it.

So here's to bloggers everywhere........may we keep bloggin....at work at home and well .... where ever we might be!!! oh and my spell check is not working.....so you have to ignore all and any spelling mistakes!! thanks! and I was going to link all my bloggers I mentioned but my tool bar is not letting me! got to spend more time learning this new computer I think eh?!


redheads said…
Way to Go Lala, it really hasn't been that long since I started reading your blog but I do love it. You are not ashamed of who you are or what your house looks like or what you are going through right now. I admire you for that.

Heers to a well lived year of blogging.
Shash said…
I remember the day I found your blog too... I was skulking through cyberspace 'cause you weren't handing out your address!! I've got skill baby.

Happy Anniversary!
Kristen said…
Happy blogaversary! I'm about to hit mine, too. :-)

I'm glad I've been able to get to know you and I'm glad I found your blog.

Here's to many, many more blog adventures.
Sema said…
What an accomplishment, to be blogging for over a year.Congrats.
I enjoy putting my life's highlights in writing. It's so rewarding to see where we've been and where we are going.
Xangelle said…
Congrats on the year. It's been so much fun being able to catch up from day to day on some of the highlights that go on in your life.....even if we don't talk on the phone a ton.....my bad!

I love ya! You are always in my prayers!

Oh, I tried to comment yesterday, but it wouldn't let me....told me there was an error, so I gave up. I do try! Really I do!
Anonymous said…
A whole year! I won't have my year anniv until April! I don't remember how I found you...but I think I found Rena first, and you and shash, and Meggles came no too long after. And you know it's no secret that I like comments too! :))
Elle*Bee said…
Happy Bloggerversary! My readership is pretty small, but I like the comments too. I also have a couple of lurkers (non-bloggers, like my mom, my sister, and my friends Lisa and Renee). All told, probably 7 readers. Maybe eight, but whose counting? ;-)
Nicole said…
Happy Bloggerversary. I just found your blog a few weeks ago and am loving it so far. I am definitely not a lurker though. I like to comment and I like to get comments. I haven't been blogging as long as you. I can't wait for my Bloggerversary. That will be AWESOME!

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