Whirlwind trip is over

We just got home and safely! phew! I don't want to say that it is such a long drive cuz I don't want to discourage anyone from coming and visiting us! HINT HINT HINT......but when you leave on a Tuesday and come back on a Friday and have an emotional day inbetween.....it is tiring!

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. We believe that Gramma is in a better place and whole again...no more aches and pains and limitations...we believe she is walking on streets paved with gold where there is no more tears and she is in the presence of our Maker and Creator! She is also with all our little babies that we didn't get to see here on earth. I am sure she is pinching their cheeks and giving them tons of love.

The service was really wonderful. One of J's cousin..... hi L ......made a DVD of pictures of Gramma to music. It was beautiful and moving. She looked like a 1940's movie star! what a knockout! such a lady to the very end! She will be missed.

We are hoping that Grampa will come and visit us and spend some time with us now that he is free to travel. After 56 years of marriage I am sure that he will be going thru quite an adjustment but I know with the Grace and Strength of God he will.

Tomorrow is Emily's 8th birthday! I have a bunch of kids coming over at noon and NO party supplies due to the unexpected trip to the coast. I thought I would get to sleep in tomorrow but no such luck....so in the morning I will have to get the cake/balloons/goodie bags/candles/hot dogs ext... and I have to go pick up Jackson and Mocha who are at my friend Melissa's house....you ROCK Melissa! thank you so much for taking care of them for us...it was so nice not to have to worry about them! and my neighbors/friends came over like 5-6 times a day to feed Shelby and take her for a walk and cuddle the puppies! I tell you we are so blessed, thank you Sandra and kids!!! The puppies eyes are open now and they are walking around...so cute I took some pictures and I will post them soon! I will also post a couple of pictures of the birthday girl with her departed great-gramma.

oh and I am so glad to be home..... I miss my family like crazy and wish we could be closer but I do NOT miss the traffic and ALL the people and the busyness.....like it is CRAZY down there and I like my little small town.....who knew?! a city girl loving the country so much!

ok got to go say hi to my blogger buddies now! mmmmmwhaaaa


theresa said…
Welcome home Lala, I missed you! I was wondering who was taking care of the dogs.....you have amazing neighbors.

Happy birthday Emily!
Ruth said…
I am glad that your travels went well and that your gramma is in a better place. You will pull of the party just fine, I am sure of it! and it sounds like you have wonderful neighbours!!
Nikkie said…
Welcome back Lala! I'm glad you made it to and from safely. I'm sure you'll pull the party together just in time!
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you are home safe. Good luck with the party!!! Yikes!
holli said…
I'm glad you made it back safe and sound. I know it wasn't an easy trip - but I know your faith truly gives you comfort in times like these. And I find comfort in knowing it is there for you.

Hey - the weather will not discourage me from coming to La La Land someday!!!

We just got done with our party madness.. and I am.. beat down to Chinatown.

Big hugs to you and your whole family from us.
Nicole said…
Good luck with all the party stuff! I'm sure you will get it all done. Somehow it always works out because the kids usually don't care as long as their friends are there.

This is the secodn time today I have "run into" your blog. So this time I am leaving a comment. The first was your sister Sasha's and I just came from Nikkie's. Kind of crazy you are all connected!!
MugwumpMom said…
Sorry we didn't get a chance to visit. Just way too busy at work. Glad you made it home safe and sound. I was checking out properties on the MLS in PG...if Waawee moves up there, I'm so going to want to as well...I keep dropping hints to Jim..but so far he's not biting. I'm with you...life is way too hectic and big city crazy down here and I'm tired of it.
My condolences to Jason and you for his grandmother's passing.
michelle said…
Good luck with the party and try to get some rest in there sometime!
Can't wait to see the pictures
Jessica said…
Lala...I am SO sorry to hear about your loss!

I am glad that the birthday party went well and hope that your daughter had a great birthday!
redheads said…
WElcome Back Lala! I have missed reading your blog over this time that I have had off. I start back to work in full swing today :) I will keep checking back.

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