pictures of the puppies and a quick update on J

yah my father in law figured out my new computer and how to get my pictures to upload for me! so there are some recent pictures of the puppies who will be 6 weeks old tomorrow.
J wasn't doing so good Wed-Fri but Sat and Sun he was doing much better, like better as in walking better than he was at his gramma's funeral even. So hope is growing and we have realized thathe really does need to take it easy, it seems to make a huge difference. So thanks for the prayers and keep them coming!!! I have a job interview today over the phone, the only thing is that this job doesn't start until the end of March, but if J continues to improve it may not be so much longer before he goes back to work. I also should hear from another possible employer this week, at least I am hoping, so we shall see what happens. It is in His hands!


Kristen said…
Oh, those puppies are sooo sooo cute!!!

I hope something works out soon for you job wise. Keep on keepin' on. ;-)
PaPa said…
HI Faith - yes you are prettier than the cute puppies.
Ruth said…
They are still adorable!! I am glad that things are looking up. You will do good with the interview, I am sure and I am continuing to pray for your family.
Morning Glory said…
Those are pretty cute puppies and the blue eyes on them are so pretty.

Glad to hear of the progress with J and good luck with the interviews.
Nicole said…
yeah, I say I'm going to breed my Golden, but I might want to keep them all. They are all so cute.

I am hoping that J's back gets REALLY better. I know it has to be hard on all of you. You are being prayed for.
Yellow Mama said…
Cute puppies.

Continue to bless you...Cheryl
Dawn said…
Adorable puppies! I've never seen blue-eyes ones before, that I can remember.

Trusting for a good interview and renewed health!
mommaobrienx7 said…
So glad your hubby is doing better! And those puppies are ADORABLE! I swear I want to reach out through the computer and squeeze them!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!! And you daughter too! :)
Anonymous said…
I want one of those puppies!!!! So darling!

I'm so glad he's starting to get strength!! That is wonderful! and I'll be praying about the job thing!
Hey nice pupies. I want one too!
mom of 2 said…
I'm glad to hear that J is feeling a little better...hope he continues to improve!!

Oh, the puppies (and your sweet little girl) are adorable!!!!

Thank you for writing earlier! I love your site, how did you do all that? Like I said, I am new to this, so I have no idea what I am doing yet!!! What a beautiful daughter you have! The puppies are adorable too!

I hope J is doing better too!

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