A little wet

The last 2 days J has been having a harder time walking again. Yesterday he was really tired and we wondered if he over did things. We cleaned out our garage on Tuesday .....it was brutal....between 8 puppies poopin and the momma forever getting into the garbage.....it was pretty gross. I have had a few more calls about the pups but no one has actually showed up yet.....grrr I hate it when people don't call to cancel! oh well I am sure that they will sell.....I hope!

He was a little frustrated today and seemed down. It is hard for him when he struggles so much to walk. He looks like he is drunk when he walks. His knees/legs keep locking so his gait is very jerky and he looks off balance. He has a hard time getting up from being sitting or lying down. I try to cheer him up but today it was annoying to him.

We did manage to go bottle our port that I had ordered in Oct (and paid for thankfully). We also had to pick up a sump pump because with the warmer weather the couple of feet of snow we had is melting so quickly and we noticed the carpet in the tv room ( basement) was quite wet. I sucked up 3 containers of water in our wet vac!!!! ok so glad we own that machine!! and it was still wet. So we have had a little heater going in there all night and tomorrow J is going to try to sump pump the water away from the house. There is so much snow on the roof and it is all draining off creating little pools of water around the edges of the house and we have ground level windows in the basement with catch basins in front, so something must have plugged the drain. It is supposed to go to -11 over night tonight so it might all freeze again, if it doesn't then I was thinking my father in law and I were going to have to dig a trench or something out there! oh the drama....and our dishwasher keeps leaking......I have to giggle and laugh cuz otherwise I would lose it!

I still have had no call backs yet for a job..... I called one back and was told today is the cut off and then they will look at the resumes next week. So I am hoping that I will get it. Even though I don't relish the thought of working again, let alone full time, sitting around is making me feel so helpless. At least if I was working I would feel like I am helping in some way, which I would be cuz we need to be able to support ourselves at some point! I don't want to think of worse case senerios, I am trying to take things day by day.

So even though the last 2 days haven't been that great, I know things will get better, till then I will just keep drying up the leaks!


PaPa said…
It will be good to have John up there to give Jason a hand. Linda will give you some relief with the other goings on. Just in time!
Dawn said…
Sounds like it's been a pretty touch week! I'm glad you can keep your sense of humor.

I love it that you're connecting with my DIL about your experiences in Kenya. I'm glad she's blogging.
Anonymous said…
You can come and live with us (oh wait, we live in a one bedroom box!) we haven't had any snow yet!! It has rained a little bit, but not much. Sorry about all your water around and in your house.

I really pray that your hub will start getting better and stronger.
Shash said…
If your garden beds or the ground around the house is slopping down towards the house then water will come in. You have to build up the beds so that the water drains away from the house. It happened to us in our first home. You've had to deal with ALOT of water coming into the house!!! Gotta find the root of that.

The Lord is my refuge and my strength - whom, Or I say WHAT, shall I fear!! Nothing for He is with me always.
Anonymous said…
I am glad you find humor in amidst hard times.I hear you on the job hunt. I hope your carpet dries up before it gets cold again, I burnt a pot of soup one time and it made the whole house stink for days, and to top it off, the weather was already getting cold and so we couldn't have the windows open!!!

This is sema-twenty eight celsius.
Kristen said…
Sounds like you're having some tough times. :-( It can only get better. Praying for you, still.

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