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I had my job interview over the phone yesterday, he called 1 hour before I was expecting....I was so glad I was home!!! I was doing prayer ministry in the morning after my in-laws went back to the Coast. Speaking of my in-laws, we had such a great visit. It was so good for J to have his parents here and we really had a great time. They took us out for a nice fancy dinner which was yummy! and we had great conversations and time with the girls. I can't wait for them to come again and I have to say that speaking as a daughter in law, I am so glad that we have the relationship that we do today!

Back to the job interview, it seems I passed with flying colors and I will be getting a phone call in the next week or so to schedule me in for my 2nd interview, in person this time. It felt really good to get such positive feed back. It was kind of odd selling myself but you know our modo here at our house, go big or go home, and sold myself is exactly what I did. I told of all my accomplishments at work and that my aspirations would be to be a manager in the future as that is what fits my personality! so I went for it with gusto. He seemed to like what he heard so it's all good!

Anyone watch Heroes last night??? I love that show! I think this is the most creative show to air on tv in such a long time. An hour really isn't long enough! I haven't been so excited about a new show since the office first aired.....which is the funniest 1/2 hour on tv....I know I have said that before but really can't say that enough!!! if you haven't watched it yet, I double dog dare you too and then let me know what you think......even if you don't like it, it's ok I can handle it!!


Morning Glory said…
Way to go on the interview!! Good luck with the next phase of it.
Ruth said…
Elle*Bee said…
Congrats on making it through the first round of interviews.
Nicole said…
You have ALMOST talked me into watching the Office. I just don't like comedies. I like funny MOVIES, but not usually tv shows. I usually think they are stupid. I have heard ONLY good things about the Office though.

I totally missed Heroes AGAIN. For the second week in a row. All because of 24. It is my "CAN NOT MISS" show, but I was going to tape Heroes and forgot. MAybe I can download it.

So glad that the interview went good. Keep us informed!
Dawn said…
Hurray for good interviews!! May the next one be even better!

Check out the new series we're starting with my son and me. Should be quite a journey.
Dawn said…
Did you get to read Kev's first addition? I learned things I never knew - amazing. And we've only begun! It's hard to believe that we went through so much with both kids, but thank God we made it out the other end!
jennifer said…
I love your blog ,and this is officially the first comment i have left on any blog ever, i,ts great to hear j is doing good we are all praying whenever i think of you guys which happens to be a
lot lately hope to talk soon love jen
Ruth said…
I have seen the Office, I always thought it was a dumb show and then it just cracked me up when I did finally see it. I have not watched Heroes. That is awesome that the interview went well. It is so exciting!
holli said…
Lala - I've been out of touch for various crazy reasons.. but I would hire you in a second, selling or no selling. anyone that wouldn't is a fool!!

So you go girl!!

Hugs and prayers to all of you.

MugwumpMom said…
Congrats on getting through door # 1 on the job interview. And glad to hear that J is doing better, and that you enjoyed your visit with his parents.
Have a great week
mom of 2 said…
That's so awesome that the interview went well!! I hope that you get the job!!

We LOVE Heroes and The Office!!! Heroes could be 2 hours and still not be enough...I love that show!!

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