Day 2

This is my second time posting. I was on the phone with my sis (Lala), getting all the updates when my computer stopped working. It took me over an hour and shutting it down many times to get it back... let's hope it works!


As you can guess by the forward on this post, my computer arrived but I don't have the internet hooked up yet. It won't be long though.

Today was J's second day of treatment. He said that he is starting to get some feeling back in his arms again. The treatment takes 2 1/2 hours and he'll be going back every day this week. Once he's done this week then the treatments will drop to one day a week then down to once a month. It is a good thing that we have "free" medical in Canada; this treatment is costing (the taxpayers) $1,000 a day!!! Yup people, that is 10 one hundred dollar bills a day! He has a shunt in his left wrist and the doctors inject the plasma and the proteins in his body intravenously.

He has been having a hard time with the strength in his arms and finds it too difficult to write. (Pray against depression on J; I see him trying to battle it.) I'm having to open his pop cans for him and that's hard for me too, emotionally. When he is able to write again then he'll be able to go back to work. He's a foreman and does more paperwork than labour. I am still looking for work. I've put out my resume at local property management companies and as a administrative assistant. Tomorrow I'll drop off some more. It's really strange for me to be doing this. I worked for my parents for 12 years! It feels like I'm having to "sell" myself and it's left me feeling very vulnerable. J and I have discussed it and even after he's gone back to work I will stay at my job. We have debt to pay off (4 weeks with no pay and climbing, the disability insurance hasn't kicked in either but it doesn't cover our mortgage anyways...) and we want to start a savings account. Everyone should have a savings account!!!

(My (Shash's) computer has shut off 3 times now and this is getting harder and harder to post!)

Thank you to those who have called and e-mailed and left wonderful comments on my blog. J has made me read them all to him, they are really lifting our spirits and I can see a change in him. A special thank you to my Dad who has called each and every day since this began. You are amazing and it means a lot to J (and to me)!! Thank you to those who have stood in the gap at your churches in prayer for us as well. Just knowing we have so many people beside us is helping.

Keep it coming... the battles not finished!


Shash said…
Posting this was difficult... I am in need of a new computer... ;-)

La also wanted me to tell all of ya to give her props... she was at the gym today and she's lost another 2 pounds!

Yah for you babe!!
mommaobrienx7 said…
I've been catching up on your blog this morning and there's a lot going on I have missed! I will be praying for all of you and hope that J is feeling better.

And that is great that you are getting to the gym AND losing weight!

Good luck with the job hunt~
cara said…
hey guys...just want to add our names to those who are already praying hard for you guys. when i read about J's condition on your blog and then told Henri, he was just floored. he remembers when it happened the first time and how hard it was. we're coming back to Canada for a visit...too bad we won't be able to hook up with you guys. the snow in the lower mainland will be shock enough and so i'm not sure we could handle PG :)
Morning Glory said…
Praying for strength for you both.
Anonymous said…
I will continue praying for J and for you guys as a family. I can't imagine what he's going through. I pray that he will gain strength back in his arms, and that all the treatments will be a success, AND that this will make you stronger as a couple and as a family.
Elle*Bee said…
You and your family continue to remain in my prayers. Good luck on the job search and congrats on the 2 lost pounds.
Yellow Mama said…
I am glad he is improving some. It must be very weird, almost "this is not my life". I am reminded though that God loves you both...David said he had never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread. When Jesus taught us to pray...give us our bread or in other words what we NEED for the day, He meant just that. Bread...literally, bread...spiritually, bread...financially, bread...emotionally, bread...physically.
This is something God was talking with me about within the last 24 hours. So, when David said he had never seen the righteous begging bread, it is because as the righteous, we don't have to beg. We have to pray GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD.. This is something I am learning to walk.

I still speak God's breath of life filling every part of J's being!

On a lighter little son was confused about testiments (like the two parts of the Bible) and testicles...
Jenmomof4 said…
You both are in my prayers here in Missouri!! Tell J to get a small tape recorder and talk into it whenever he wants to write something down. When he feels better he can type it up. This would be great for journals etc. That way he wont have to depend on anyone. Just a thought.
Clan Schmitt said…
Jeremiah 29 11-13

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

This verse has been going around in my head for the past couple of days for you guys.
Also Philippians 1:6
God began doing a good work in you, and I am sure he will continue it until it is finished when Jesus Christ comes again.
Remember in all things give thanks .
Our faith is bound with yours and J.
our love
Anonymous said…
Hi La,

My parents used to live next to Shash when they lived in their first home (in the little village).

When Shash sent out the prayer request for J, I felt this overwhelming call to fast for you. Of course praying for J, but God wants you to know that He is your well. You don’t have to wait to be tired to drink from it, and you don’t have to be overwhelmed to rest in Him. He loves you. You are His. He is taking care of you, J and your girls.

I am praying God’s “A” plan for you, for J and for your family…extended as well!

I have never met you, but I feel that I know you. Through the love your sister has for you every time she speaks of you, I know the treasure that you are to her.

Lord. Maker of the heavens, take this family into your care in a new and real way! Lord, only you know the plans you have for them, so Lord, I pray for extra measures of strength, grace, love, patience & rest. Father, you promise to be our comfort and our guide & so Lord, today I ask that you make clear for La the comfort you are. Send your spirit to indwell her, to indwell J, and the girls. I ask, humbly, for your healing. That you would renew in J strength. That you would give him the complete measure of your presence. Amen!

Lise, I will pray, pray, pray…


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