but baby it's cold outside

I went to the gym and worked out for an hour this morning!! yah me, I went Tuesday as well.....I weighed myself on Tuesday, I um ...... almost died (yes not literally dad... I know bad confession! hehehe). I will NOT tell you what I weigh....... I have too much pride! :) but I did loose a pound when I stepped on the scale this morning. So thank goodness for small measures! I want to try to make it to the gym 3 times a week but baby steps is the way I do things and 2x is good too. I wonder if my body thinks it is hybernation time? ya that must be it!!! think that excuse will stick???!!!

so anyways I walked out of the gym this morning and my nose was just starting to run a bit and about 3 sec of being outside and it FROZE!!! yes it froze, the snot in my nose FROZE!!! I have never experienced this before in my life!! it is -29 here, no wind chill, it is a beautiful clear sunny day but coooooollllllld. Just thought I would share that with you!

Thanks again for all the emails and prayers, J and I really appreciate it. We both are still feeling a bit sureal about all this and sorting out our feelings. I don't want to let myself picture the worse case scenerio but wouldn't you know that is what is wanting to replay in my head over and over. We found out this morning that he starts treatments on Monday morning. He gets hooked up to a dialysis type of machine and it pumps his blood out then they remove the antibodies that are attacking his nerve system and then pump it back in. It takes 2 hours for 5 days straight. Then he goes back once a week and then when he is showing that he is responding to the treatment he goes once a month, indefinitely.

We also found out that he does have enough hours for disability insurance, so that is awesome, but we don't know how much it will be for. I have a friend asking around for a job for me still and if I can find one that is decent I will most likely be taking it. I can see that whatever is happening is progressing quickly in J, he is struggling more going up and down the stairs and his gait is real awkward. Not easy to see. Again I do know that there is power in prayer and we are totally believing for a miracle.

Ok off to brave some more cold weather, we are low on groceries so out we go......I really can't stay, but baby it's cold outside.......(that is my all time favorite Christmas song)

oh and just to clarify I guess my motherinlaw DID call Emily on her birthday....Emily never told us she called!! sorry mom!!!

UPDATE: we just found out what his insurance is....and it is NOT a lot, not even close enough to get by on.....so hopefully I can get a job quickly and we will figure this all out.


Morning Glory said…
Frozen snot??? That's hilarious!!

I'm glad there's a treatment for J. Medical science has come such a long way over the years, and I'm so grateful we have information and treatment for all these things.

Still praying.
Shash said…
Hahaha! Now you know what I go through (most) winters!! My first winter here I didn't know what was going on. I've never had the hairs in my nose freeze. Dad said that Edmonton was even colder when he was a kid, you're exposed skin would freeze.

I'm heading out tonight to Jess's house to pray for you guys. We prayed at church last night as well and will continue to do so. Find your scripture and say out loud each and every day. Speak it until you know it - get it in the air.

Love you lots
Nikkie said…
We've been pretty darn cold out here too. I'll be thinking about you and your family!
Yellow Mama said…
I know God can turn things around quickly. Hope is very important...Faith is the substance of things hoped for.

So, keep your hope up. I believe in miracles and I will stand with you to believe for just that.

If you do need to go back to work, I pray that you will find something which pays well and you love doing...something you feel is worth while!

Shaloam sister. I pray for increase in your lives...total completeness in every area of your lives.

Anonymous said…
I cracked up picturing your snot frozen to your face!! hahaa.

I am and will continue praying for you guys, this must be so hard.
Dawn said…
Thanks for stopping by Kristen's and my series that we're doing on anorexia - it was quite a journey.

YOu are going through a journey right now. I trust it turns out for the best!

Congrats on 1 pound. Every pound counts! And I know that frozen snot feeling from living in International Falls, MINN. Right now it's plenty cold for me here in Colorado - we're expecting more snow tonight on top of the ice that's still on the streets from the last 3!
holli said…
Okay - some insurance for disability. Baby steps on everything. Just take it one day at a time, Lala. Don't overwhelm yourself or you'll freak.

One pound is awesome.. J is going to do better. You'll find something you really and truly enjoy. I know you will - you enjoy LIFE!!

I'm sorry - am I the only person that thinks it's great that snot freezes!! ALRIGHT!!!

Prayers coming your way all the time, my friend.
mom of 2 said…
I can't even imagine how cold it must be to freeze snot...I'm pretty sure it's never been that cold in Texas!!

I hope the treatment works for your hubby and that he will be better very soon!! I'll continue to pray for you guys!!
Elle*Bee said…
Congrats on the one pound! I'm trying to weigh myself twice a week so I don't become too obsessed w/ the day to day fluctuations. Keep up the good work.

I'm glad to hear that J. will have some disability insurance, even if it might not seem like enough. Good luck with the job hunt. It's easy to panic and grab the first one that comes along (I speak from experience), but be sure the one to accept works best for your family. My continued prayers are with you and yours.
Kristen said…
Eww...frozen snot. That sounds pleasant. I'm surprised my snot hasn't frozen today. It's not supposed to get above 5 degrees farhenheit. Good times!!

I will continue to keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. I can't imagine what you're all going through. Keep the faith.

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