Being proactive

I looked on line last night and found some really helpful information on CIDP. They also have some diet information that I told J all about and am going to start implementing. For instance, organic honey is very beneficial! so is green tea. We are going to start eating more fish and whole grain breads/wild rice, that sort of thing. I don't eat white bread but it is J's favorite! he loves thick peanut butter and jam/banana sandwhich's! so now he has to have them on whole grain brown bread!

They also gave an interesting statistic - direct quote "Although 95% of patients will show initial improvement following immunosuppressive therapy, the relapse rate is high. In the series of Dyck et al, only 64% of 53 patients were improved or in remission and able to return to work, 8% were ambulatory but unable to work, 11% were bedridden or wheelchair bound, and 11% died of the disease. Six percent died from other diseases. Dr. Albert Yen, " I believe J will be in the 64%!

We have been playing a lot of praise and worship music in the house and J said it works. He feels better being surrounded with hope!

He seems to be walking a bit straighter over the weekend and I was really encouraged when he said on Saturday that he wanted to get out of the house! yeah! so we went to Wendy's!! got to be budget minded now! and then got groceries at Costco, by the end he was definitely tired and I had to load the truck and get the girls to help unload. We also went next door last night for dinner and then we played Guesstures with all the kids (our other neighbors were there too) and J wasn't going to play but then he did, he got up and played! it was great to see him being active, it was heart lifting.

I want to deliver more resumes out tomorrow. There haven't been too many adds in the paper for what I am qualified for. I just have to keep trying though. I am feeling better too, not so down. It is funny how tired I was this week too, I am not sure if it was because of watching him sleep on and off all day or if I was fighting depression myself. I hate being tired like that.

The girls are all doing well. Morgan is going to be turning 13 in March and I can hardly believe that I am going to have a teenager soon! I haven't really thought of what to do for her birthday. I am hoping our financial situation will be all back to normal by then. I had wanted to take her to a spa/hotel over night, just the 2 of us. She wants to have a smallish party and go bowling, I haven't mentioned the hotel thing yet. I was thinking of buying her some makeup, we were allowed to officially wear makeup when we were 13. Ok this all just scares me! a teenager???!!! how did this happen???? where did the time go? how did my baby become a teenager??? am I old enough for this? doesn't feel like it! Our church has invited her to the youth thing on Friday night, she looked so old standing there talking to the lady about it getting all the details. She can still go to Sunday School but she opts to sit in the service, so grown up........ahhhhh deep sigh! Any suggestions for what you did for your child's 13th birthday? or what you did that was special for yours?


Shash said…
I really don't remember my 13th birthday party. We had just moved a couple of months before and being a September baby... that meant not much time to get to know the kids at school - not that it was a big school! We probably just had the youth group over?? Not sure. I remember my 14, and 16th though... I'm an even person anyways.

It's good to hear J's feeling up. What about a job in retail, just for now?
Lala's world said…
if I got a job in retail....I think I would spend all my $$ on clothes! hehe but if I don't get any calls this week then I will have to pursue that route!
Xangelle said…
Well, that sounds totally like an UGB, and "Have you asked the Father which avenue you are to persue?" He might have the most fun job that totally brings life to you and will supply your needs all lined up, and you're just looking down the wrong avenue. I really believe that "things" will go even better than you are hoping for. Just trust and press in - HARD! Love ya! Will call ya soon!
Looney Mom said…
Wow. I'm getting caught up here. I'm praying for J to be in the 64% too! I'm glad to hear that he's feeling a little more encouraged. God is good!

And for Alexis' 13th birthday she had 5 girlfriends over and I took them ice skating, then after that we went to the grocery store and they each got to pick their favorite junk food for their all-night "sleepover" - not much sleeping - more watching movies and laughing. She really had a great time.
theresa said…
over night at a hotel is nice, one with an indoor pool. I did this for one of the neighoorhood girls whose mom passed away. She had 6 friends and me in one room and we did facials and makeup and hair and swam. It was fun and didn't cost much money.

Glad to hear J is feeling more normal. Your family is still in my prayers.
mom of 2 said…
Wow, 13! That is such a milestone...hope she has a wonderful birthday!

Glad to hear that J felt like being up and around...that seems like a good sign. And hope is a wonderful thiing!! Never give up hope!

You know I'll continue to pray for you guys...for J's recovery and for you to find a job. Take care!!
Morning Glory said…
I'm glad to hear you sounding so hopeful. Hope is a good thing to exercise.

I'm still praying for strength for this day and good job hunting for you.
Mama Lorna said…
Prayer is definately what you are getting from me. I know sometimes you feel that God is not listening, but then something happens, like your bread story and you say, WOW, we do serve an amazing God.
Blessings and love to J
PaPa said…
good to hear positive reports. J has to keeping pressing in. Hope is the mold that Faith (the substance) is poured into. Love must continue to be our motive. There you have the perfect blend.
Faith Hope Love.
Morgan's 13th. We've talked about doing something similar to the Jewish Bat Mitzvah, and yeks! the date is fast approaching. We will be in China. so have to talk more about this.
Shash said…
I'm going to send you Trivita's sublingual B12's! HE MUST START TAKING THESE!!!!
Elle*Bee said…
I'm glad to hear that J was feeling welling enough to be more active this weekend. Good luck with the job search. Be sure to tell everyone you know that you're looking. Some of my best jobs came from word-of-mouth. In two cases, I interviewed for a job and was hired before they ever had the chance to advertise the opening.

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