back on line and loving it

ok I cannot tell you HOW HAPPY I am to be back on line....oh yeah baby....I'm back!!!

Big thanks to my sista Shash for writing my blog for me this week while I was stuck in the dark ages!! you rock sis!

I got a comment a couple of days ago from Yellow Mama about not having to beg for our bread and then Sandra (friend/neighbor) said the EXACT same thing to me and you know what we were given today???? A HUGE BOX OF BREAD! so it happened literally! a friend from PAC gave us a very large box of bread, muffins, tortillas, and boboli pizza bread(we are having that for dinner tonight). What a blessing. I know that God is looking out for us.

My parents have also stepped up in a big way and are covering us financially, which made both J and I cry. We are blessed cuz I know his parents would also step in for us as well.

I still haven't heard from any potential job opportunities but I am believing our steps are being ordered so it will come.

Last night was the worst night for J. He was throwing up quite a lot and was so sick I wondered if I needed to take him to the hospital. He is better this afternoon, they gave him extra fluids today at the hospital to keep him hydrated. They told him that he should start feeling better in about a week. They also told him that he might not be able to work for 1-2 our faith is being stretched beyond our comfort zone and that is putting it mildly.

I really felt the Lord telling me awhile ago to "get your head in the game", I wish I had listened more, wish I had been more obedient. I know He is still faithful even when we are not! phew!! Anyways to state the obvious it is SO important to be prepared BEFORE troubles hit! I had this picture of me standing in the mud up to me knees and the winds and storm hit and I was moving but not being blown away.....if my legs were not in so deep I would have......and I thought wow, if I was even deeper I would have felt it even less. I know that my God is a good God and that He knows the plans that He has for us and they are FOR GOOD and NOT FOR EVIL!!! AMEN!!! so we are standing with our feet planted in His promises and His Word.....the winds are blowing and debris is flying....but we will not be moved.

We do feel the emotional end and I know it is important to go through all those, you just can't stay there. So we are angry and scared at times and still in a form of shock, but our core faith is still that God is seeing us through.

Thanks again for all your kind words, prayers and encouragements! and now that I am back on line I can come visit you again! since I have a new computer I lost my favorites, so if you are not on my side bar you have to leave me a comment so I can save you to my new computer!

EDITED: by the way.....this is my 300th post!


Cool Mama said…
Ok...I can't seem to leave comments. Just know we're praying for you!
Ruth said…
Hey Lala, I am definately praying for your family.
Shash said…
yuppers for us too!
holli said…
My prayers are still with you all (you know that) and I am so sorry J had such a bad time. I feel like somehow the Lord is going to step in and take care of things. Good is good, and your family is so beautiful in the truest sense of the word.

And I do agree - if we lived close.. we would be BFF!!

Hugs to you all. You're always in my thoughts and prayers.
PaPa said…
Hey LaLa;
good to see you back up and running. We enjoy being kept updated and the pics.
Don't throw away your fearless confidence in the Lord, which has recompense of reward. In other ways it pays off to cast your cares on the Lord and hold your confidence in Him because He is in Jason and yourself and you both are in Him. Go to Colossians and read all the "in Him' that identifies where you really are. You may be in Prince George but you are really in Him.
Loving PaPa
Morning Glory said…
Still in my prayers. How wonderful to have people around you who listen to their hearts when someone is in need. The box of bread is like manna from Heaven.
Shash said…
You should post about the link between immunization shots and his disease!!
Shash said…
You should post about the link between immunization shots and his disease!!
MugwumpMom said…
Glad to have you back. I've been praying for you both. God knows the frustration and such that you are feeling, and is very pleased when you take it to Him instead of trying to bottle it down...tell Him everything (take the burdens to Him) and He will lift you up.
Yellow Mama said…
We are glad to have you back too. We've been through a lot of financial stuff and the miscarriage of a child, but not a major physical thing. I really think it is okay to feel angry, but God's esteem is high enough to take whatever you say to him. He's gotten heat from me before and always lovingly has addressed what the root of my anger was. He is so good about dealing with us. I agree with you that you are on a firm foundation and won't be moved.

I like what Paul said to fix our gaze on the goal and not turn around wondering who or what seems to be gaining on us. He said we will win if we do not dispair and give up.

We, here in blogville, will stand with you and your family. If we need to hold up both hands, then we will until the battle is won.
Elle*Bee said…
Congrats on your 300th post. There's an old saying how we're continually challenged by our faith. I'd don't think that's quite it, though. Rather, I think we're challenged *because* of our faith. Keep putting your trust in God. He will guide you on His own timeline, according to His own plan.

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