and darnit people like me

do you know what line that show that is from?

just a little trivia to get ya thinkin!

I got 2 phone calls today for possible employment, just when I thought my resume must have truly sucked and something is wrong with me. The first was from a bank that I applied at, I will be having an on the phone interview on Monday afternoon. The second was from a property management company that does not have any positions open right now but the ladies husband is looking at expanding his business and so she is giving him my phone number! I literally could feel my shoulders straightening and I felt self confidence flow thru me again.

We are having a great time with mom and dad (J's folks), it is so nice to have them here!

Have a great weekend!


Elle*Bee said…
Two job leads - not bad! Just keep spreading the word that you're looking.
Ruth said…
DARN IT - PEOPLE DO LIKE YOU! especially us blogger people. :)

shalom to your home. xo
Dawn said…
Great news! I know something is going to work out!
Shash said…
That's a great start now if you can just stop letting the water in the house all will be well!!

Talk to you when I get back from Cali!!! We'll be on the same time zone - you could drive the 16 hours to see me????

;-) love ya, I gotta pack now or else my hubby won't be too happy!
Heidi said…
LOL Stewart Smalley from SNL - hilarious!

Oh great news for you! I hope things pan out!
Good to be home again...ah the wonderful BC air!!
Jack Handy! Ha ha! Isn't that who you're quoting?

I'm good enough.
I'm smart enough.
And dog-gonit, people like me!

I say that EVERY morning while I look at myself in the mirror!

Okay, so I don't really, but I've quoted it many a time!

Another cute blog!!!! Where do all you readers of Nicole come up with such cute designs!?! I love the snow flakes. I must contact this woman who does blog designs!

Thanks for coming over to my blog and leaving a comment! I love that! You're the bestest! Have a fun weekend!
Yay! I hope to see more of you at my blog! And I try my best to visit fun blogs like yours although sometimes paying attention to the children has to come first. ;-D

I won't "out" you here, but I know what you mean about the blog issue. I was minding my own business, writing whatever I felt like writing, and then I inadvertantly (sp?) advertised to half the church where I blog. Loooove it! I'll be cleaning up my act now.

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