Photo Wednesday and bad hair pics for Chrissa

I am not even bothering calling today wordless wednesday cuz...... well you all know why!
I was supposed to post pics of bad hair do's yesterday but I was having technical difficulties..... I really want/need a new computer! anyways I thought I would throw in a couple of shots of how much snow we have here. It snowed for about 3 days straight and the snow is over 2 feet high. It comes right up to my front steps. I had just shoveled a walkway on Monday......and you can see Shelby where it once was! I love it though although the town has slowed down on their clearing the roads and downtown is brutal slippery!

can you see how heavy my trampoline is? crazy!!
I don't know why these scanned so small but oh well if you click on them I think they get a little bigger. The picture on the top is my graduation....member the long perms....I didn't have the bangs going straight up but most girls in my grad class did! that is shash on the end then me, then my mom and then my oldest sister Tam. Next picture down to the left I got a kick out of....member those dresses that were straight and tight on the bottom...oh man what were they called???? and my hair is shorter on one side and longer on the other.....the next picture is one of my many perms I had...nice eh?! and like the gold lamea on my tank top! yup and roller skates on the trampoline..... I don't think my kids have ever seen roller skates before! hehe
The picture to the left is me in the green/blue cardigan......oh yes oversized cardigan's! hmmm those were the days! we were lipsinging to genesis! the next picture is wow eh?! haha nice hair big puff ball at the top....I was like 14 here! nice yellow cardigan....this one went way past my thighs! cool stuff I was eh?!

the bad hair pics were for Chrissa, it was her birthday yesterday and she has some pretty 80's hair do's on her blog......go check it out and wish her a happy B-day for yesterday!


Kristen said…
I love hair pictures. I had some pretty, um, interesting hair-dos myself in my day. The high bangs sprayed so heavily with hair spray that your hair wouldn't move in a tornado? Yeah.

That's a lot of snow you've got there. Looks fun. We got snow over a week ago and it's remained so cold that it's not melting fast at all.
holli said…
h my GAW. Lipsynching to Genesis. I can't believe you're admitting to that in a public forum WHILE posting pics of wearing a long cardigan.

I did the same thing.


all the snow - me covet!
Meggles said…
Nice pics. I didn't have any of those hair dos but I know my mom did. I like the pics of my Auntie Shash too.
Shash said…
What was I thinking? How loud is that outfit? Polka-dots and stripes... do you like the height on those shoulder pads!! Oh my - and check out the amount of blush on our cheeks!! I don't want to re-live any of that!!!
MugwumpMom said…
Oh, I remember the short doo - thank goodness our taste's improve as we age
RUTH said…
WOOOO!!! the 80's ROCK.
ahhh, i will always be a 80's child. i even have leg warmers for my daughter.

ps i was one of those with the bangs that go straight up. oh yeah baby! woohoo.
and the hub cap clip on earings.

mmmm. such good memories. styles now a days are so boring.
mom of 2 said…
thank you Lala!!!! I LOVE your bad hair pics!!!! And roller skates on the trampoline is too funny!
Anonymous said…
You're a brave, brave woman to post those! haha kidding!
Elle*Bee said…
A product of the 80's were you? LOL. I cringe when I think about the oversized sweaters and leggings. My theory: if I'm old enough to remember the trend the first time, then I'm too old to carry it off now. I see all these skinny little things walking around in the latest trend - yes, leggings again - and I want to yell at them, "Look at me! Twenty years, 3 kids! THIS IS YOUR FUTURE!" (cue mad scientist laughter)

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