oops I lied

guess she wasn't really in labor labor....just having a hard time breathing with all those babes in there......she is due on Christmas Day......but it can be any time now......sorry! hehee keep posted though cuz I will post pictures.

off shopping with the man...have a great day, I will be by later to catch up on the blogs!


Looney Mom said…
Ha ha! It's ok. We're not going anywhere! Poor pup!
Maybe it was false doggy labor!
Kristen said…
Wow!! Love the new look! Who did it for you?

Can't wait to see pics of the pups! ;-)
mom of 2 said…
awwww...I was all set for cute little puppy pictures!! Have fun shopping!
holli said…
I can't wait for puppy pictures. I hate to say it - but I've always been more a puppy than a baby person. Not that I don't love babies I know - but puppies overall are just (to me) some of the cutest things to grace the universe!!

I love your new blog!
Wave's Word said…
I'm disappointed but it will be great to have them on Christmas. You can name one Jesus!
Elle*Bee said…
A dog having Braxton Hicks contractions? Who knew?

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