oh the drama

The season is getting so busy, I feel like I am running and I am not sure what all I have to do yet! I just remembered I have to buy a turkey and all the trimmings! ahhhh......guess I am not alone in feeling scattered....tis the season! I hope over all though that I can keep centered and calm and remember why we celebrate Christmas in the first place.

The weather here is not so nice anymore. There is so much ice and today I was carrying a sleeping 50 pound Faith from my friends house to the truck and fell. I hit my head pretty hard and twisted my leg....dropped Faith which woke her up and we both lied there for a few seconds crying. Not nice. My head feels ok now thankfully but my leg is still a bit sore.

Speaking of sore legs.....Morgan hurt herself at school on Monday, they called me to take her to the doctor. Apparently she had fallen into deep snow and her foot was kind of twisted sideways and then when they pulled her out it twisted her leg the other way. I didn't doubt that she was hurt.......but as a mom.......you KNOW when it is a hurt and oh.my.gosh. we need to take her in. I didn't think it was the later. The first aid lady thought she had soft tissue damage and was all concerned........and I kept thinking and the Oscar goes too... she has a flair for the dramatics and remember she is 12! the age of discovery and ya oodles of fun. So anyways because the first aid lady thought she NEEDED to be seen, Morgan figured she NEEDED crutches......um ya so I was told that everyone is going to think I am a bad mom for not taking her to the doctor. This all became a battle of the wills. I may have strong willed children but they are NO match for their mother! just ask nana and papa! She was really upset with me and was hopping all over the house. She cried out owowowow when I feather touched her skin but minutes later saw her cross over her "sore" ankle over her knee to inspect her tensor bandage......getting the picture here??? my neighbor came and looked at it and quickly came to the same conclusion that I did....no doubt that she hurt it but not seriously. I let her stay home from school yesterday cuz we were both at this point quite locking heads and I thought maybe that would appease her a bit, right or wrong at this point I was not knowing what else to do. I went in to talk to her teacher at school, I love her teacher, she is so awesome. Her teacher figured it was a bit of an act as well and we had a good discussion over some of her recent behavior and what to do. She sent me away with a load of homework for Morgan to do while she was at home.
Then yesterday my Aunt and 3 cousins and 1 cousin's boyfriend came over and it was so great to see them all again and I found myself a bit embarrassed about my 12 year olds obvious need of attention. They are so great with her though and I hope that K and V will be more of mentors to Morgan....she certainly needs it!
I couldn't get her to put her shoes on so she wore one of my slippers to school. I had to drive her to the bus stop too. All the while I just was screaming on the inside....faker faker......it was really a bizarre feeling to me. At school I later learned from another talk with her teacher, that she was asking kids to carry her around......the teacher quickly put in an end to it telling her to suck it up and walk on it...in a lot more words..... so Morgan did.....she could walk on it without help or pain....surprise surprise surprise!!! I talked to the first aid lady and said sorry but you were duped by a very talented 12 year old actress!

Now I hurt my leg....oh the irony!

anyways I just finished watching Singing in the Rain with the girls...they loved it as much as I do! I am so glad! they just don't make enough family movies anymore!

oh and papa are you serious about wanting a blog??? cuz it is easy to do!

oh and I got my hair colored today! I love it...it is darker than it has been for a long time with a few chunky blonde streaks.....I will have to get the girls to take a pic tomorrow of it!


Lala's world said…
ok what is going on?? I am not able to leave comments on the new blogger?? is it some conspiracy to make me switch??? grrr
holli said…
Yeah, I want to see a pic of your hair.

I remember when you were all fired up for the snow.. and then what in the world - it's like a winter wonderland gone mad.

That's crazy - you all be careful!!! And get well. Good grief. Stay indoors.. and roll around with bumper pads on or something!
Anonymous said…
I know all about the drama! Girls! Everything with my 10 year old is drama...it's really about all we take sometimes!
Judys stories said…
Oh man the memories ya One of mine was like that they do eventually grow out of it. Can't wait to see the hair
Elle*Bee said…
I can so relate to your story. You see, I have a child who would win the Best Actor Academy Award. He's my middle child though, so I just figured he was feeling a little squeezed out my Son #1 (who has some special issues) and "the Baby" (Son #3).

Going offtopic, I had trouble posting a comment on someone's blog who had switched over to beta blogger. It wants me to signup for a google account, but I've resisted. I can get around it by posting at Other, then entering my name and the URL for my blog. It shows my name and links to my blog, but not my photo. Oh well.
Looney Mom said…
Ouch. Poor sweeties. I'm so sorry. And it does seem even worse when they play the drama card!!

Papa needs to get a blog!! LOL! And I do hope you like your new skin! It was fun and challenging! Thanks for the business!
Nikkie said…
Ouch! I'm sorry you and your little one got hurt and you and to put up with the drama of a not so hurt girl!
Vicky said…
Love the new look LaLa! It's snowylicious!

(said in a "snooty" voice) Who was your designer daaahling? I'd love to have him/her over to the mansion for a light lunch and some schmoozing about revamping my Wordpress blog. The way it was when we moved in is simply disasterous. A pauper wouldn't live in it, much less a regal lass like myself. (/snooty voice)

...and the leg thing? Yeah, I've got a couple of drama queens (and a drama king) of my own. Like they'll twist their ankle at school and get me to go pick them up, but suddenly it's better when they get home and spy the trampoline. IT'S A MIRACLE! SHE HAS BEEN SAVED!
redheads said…
I LOVE the new look. Its so warm and festive.

Sorry to hear about the drama, but I do hope that your lef is feeling better soon. You really have to be careful in that type of weather.

I used to love watching Singing in the Rain with my mom, along with "The Bell's Of St. Mary's" but I have not seen them on here so I haven't gone looking for them. :(
Hope you are able to watch a few more classics like that with your girls.
Shash said…
oh how quickly your tune changes when the white stuff is around for longer than a week!! Haha, it's what I normally live with all winter long - except this winter, it's 10C and all the snow we had melted away. The kids are bummed.

I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself anymore than you did, that could have been very nasty a fall!!! Take it easy!!

p.s. I LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK!!!!!! (the blog I mean, I haven't seen your hair yet!)
theresa said…
Nice new look! looks like Liz' work.

I know of what you speak re: dramatic girls.....'nuff said.

Can't wait to see the new hair! When do you find time?
MugwumpMom said…
Heh Lala,
Yeah, I'm having the same problems - can't leave comments on anyone who's switched to beta.

Anyhoo, love the new look! Liz did a wonderful job! And as for M and her dramatics...we've all been there done that..I recall playing it up big time for attention when I got hurt at that age...has something to do with esteem, I think...LOL..
Susanne said…
Ouch! I hope everyone is now on the mend!
mom of 2 said…
Oh the drama!! Emily can be quite the drama queen, too. It's funny thought when you catch them doing something that they said hurt only a few minutes before! One time she burned her finger (very minor) and walked around all day with her finger in a cup of water...not even cold water, just water. It made me laugh a little!

Sorry to hear about your fall...hope you are feeling better!!
Heidi said…
LOVE THE NEW LOOK!! Poor you for hurting yourself! Hope everyone recovers soon (you mostly lol).

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