My New Look

Busy busy busy.....and no time to post
getting ready for Christmas and my folks coming from the coast
presents to buy and presents to wrap
if there are no presents...I will be in crap
baking to bake and parties to attend
the week after Christmas I hope I will mend
J coming home for a couple weeks with me
going to do a lot of cuddling under our tree
Trees getting dusted with a fresh coat of snow
I'd rather be up north then the coast where the wind does blow
Keeping this sweet and short this poem of mine
Heading for bed, the clock says it's time

copyright LALA... 2006 (hehe like anyone would want to copy it!!)

Giving out a big shout out to Liz at LooneyBin4Sure for my great new look. She did all for me with very little input! I am so happy with it and it was SO about time I did get a new look too!
so go check her out and tell her how fabulous she is!! she is working on a blog now and getting paid for it and building up her portfolio! how cool is that getting paid to do what you love!

ok I will try to have my new hair do pic up tomorrow! things were a little busy today and tonight I have been babysitting my friends adorable 1 year old! oh man I could eat her up!


Ruth said…
Love the new look! Liz did a great job. Cna't wait to see the new hairdo!
Dawn said…
Great snowflakes!! Hey, I just read your comment on Kristen's tour and wanted to let you know that I'm just recycling the ornament one that we all did last week. No time for anything more!
theresa said…
I love it. Tell Liz that I can't read the few left sided letters on your posts.
Susanne said…
I love this look. It is so unique!
Meggles said…
Like the new look. Its perfect for the season. We have no snow up here anymore. We got so much rain that all the snow is gone and our snowmobiles are on the
Elle*Bee said…
I love the new template, but I agree with Theresa - you need just a tad more space to the left of your posts so they don't run into the border. I LOVE the falling snowflakes. Liz does such great work. Unfortunately because I'm on dialup, I can't often view pages with a lot of cutesy stuff on them (okay, I'm too impatient to wait for them to download). Yours however isn't over-done at all. I love it.
mom of 2 said…
I love the new look...I thought I had come to the wrong blog for a second till I saw your picture!
Christine said…
Liz did a fantastic job. Love the falling snowflakes, nice touch.
Looney Mom said…
what browser are you using those of you who see the posts running into the side bar?
Ruth said…
lovely look la la.
and lovely poem too.
Jessica said…
Really like the new look! :)

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