more Christmas photos!

I don't know what else to post about here are more photo's.... I have so enjoyed looking at everyone's pictures. I love this time of giving....just LOVE IT ALL!

This sign my friend made for me as a welcome to PG present. She shared the table that I was in at the craft fair. We decided to go into the city's biggest craft fair next year as well as our little community one....there just wasn't a lot of traffic at ours. But I did cover my expenses and made a little profit so it was still successful. more angels....... I love angels! I made the one in the middle a LONG time ago. I bought the first one, when I bought the glass nativity at the Christmas store in Banff Alberta, it is starting to look a little tarnished, it is brass. The one on the end my mom gave me, it is from Avon, she sells Avon so we are sure to get a few Avon Christmas presents every year....which is fine by me....that is actually where I bought the precious moments nativity from years ago!
and this is MY tree....the real one! sorry not a great picture but it has been kind of grey and cloudy and not so nice outside so it is kind of dark all the time. Oh and my dogs ate my angels wings off the other I ever get a break???? animals!
That is an IKEA train set around the bottom....I had one that moved by itself and sang Christmas kids broke it.....again!!!

oh and look for a new look this week..Liz @ .. designing a new look for my blog! I am so excited!


redheads said…
your tree is huge... I love it. Glad you covered yor expenses. I have not even been to a craft sale this year... and well I probably will not get to one either. Oh well there is always next year.
Anonymous said…
I knew she was making you a new blog, I'm excited to see it! I love seeing all the decor, very pretty!
PaPa said…
Hey La, maybe she can do me up a blog - then I can post all those tell all pictures of you and Shashi growing up. We have had our tree up for a couple weeks - have the train - that still works and the little village under. No gifts under this year - cuz we'll be at Tam's then you'rs then shashi's for that.
Ruth said…
oh fun! yah liz! can't wait to see it.
Ruth said…
oh fun! yah liz! can't wait to see it.
Ruth said…
oh fun! yah liz! can't wait to see it.
Ruth said…
oh fun! yah liz! can't wait to see it.
Vicky said…
Beautiful tree! We're just finally getting around to decorating ours this week.
Ruth said…
LOVE the christmas decorations.
so fun.
and looking forward to seeing your "blog makeover".

Ruth said…
i just saw that i signed your blog 4 times. for some reason this morning when i tried leaving a comment it wouldn't accept it.
(which it OBVIOUSLY did)
and so i came back later to sign you blog....and AFTER i signed it noticed the stammering problem.

sheeeeesh. :)
Tammy said…
I love angel ornaments...all of your pictures are nice!!
I can't wait to see your new blog background!
PaPa said…
Lise got her nick name from a Christmas Carol
we just dropped the Fa --- LaLa
Another reason she loves singing.
She also knew how to bug us - all the time. Now she is being rewarded in her own home.
PaPa said…
Hey - I want my own Blog - Help me someone!!!!!
Judys stories said…
I love to decorate for christmas too. I have had a hard time this year though well not too bad one thing my cat has loved to climb up the tree ugh I will post about that tomorrow when I get the camera back from my hubby its at the job site. Then I cannot find my village set I guess I will have to start all over. Your looks wonderful.

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