Ask Lala.... answers part 2

wow can't believe the weekend is over! J goes back to work today and is gone until the 20th....can you hear me wimpering?? suckish! but he is planning on being off for over 3 weeks Christmas/New Years and for that I am truly grateful! I think during that time he is going to check into getting a job a little closer to home.....can you see me doing my happy dance???

ok to the answers

question #6

LOVE IT.what a great idea our very own "dear abby" is my question. it's a loaded one. how do you walk out FORGIVENESS towards someone that has deeply hurt you?:) Ruth

ok this is a loaded one! I have been deeply hurt.....deeply...I think most of us have. I think when it is even hard to think of saying "I forgive you" and we want justice..... we have to remind ourselves of the scripture verse says that unless you forgive your brother, how can your Heavenly Father forgive you? if you don't forgive you will not be forgiven. So even in the deepest hurts we have to remind ourselves of that truth..... dailey. Then be honest with God, "Father I really am hurt right now and I don't feel like forgiving so and so but I choose to forgive" and say it until your heart believes it. I have had many situations in my life where I thought I forgave someone and then something happened and that ugly wanting justice for them instead of mercy reared it's head and the Lord just gently reminded me of the importance of forgiving. You have a choice between justice and mercy....but you can't have both!!I think it is important to remind ourselves what we would want when we have been wronged by someone...... justice? or mercy?

question #7

Which sister do you love the most? shash

I plead the 5th on this question!!!

I don't have a favorite....I love all 3 of my sisters. I am closer to some then others for different reasons. I wish I had a closer relationship with sista #2! but I am glad that they are in my life forever!

question #8

Which mother do you love the most? papa

well I only have 1 .....which I am so grateful that my parents are still together! after 35 years! I love my mom with all my heart. She is the best mom in the whole entire world! I miss her so much too. She is one of my closest friends as well as mother, my confident, my support, my cheerleader, my advisor and my role model. Love you mommy!

question #9

Here's my question: What's the most embarrassing thing any of your kids have ever said/done in public? (not very original, I know. As a mom of 3 boys, my list would be as long as I am tall!) Elle*Bee

hmmm they embarrass me all the time!! hehehe but the most recent one that I can think of is when I was at the bank before we moved and I was meeting with them about our mortgage and Faith was sitting beside me coloring and all of a sudden she starts climbing on me and yelling "mom I do want boobs I do want boobs" out of no where...... I wanted to climb under the table.....she went thru a LONG period of being obsessed about getting her own boobs!

question #10

When are you coming out here next? shash

I don't know exactly :( all depends if J gets a job closer to home, if he does then in the spring perhaps I can come.......or in the summer?

question #11

When are you going to answer my questions? shash



holli said…
This was too funny - mainly because your family put you on the spot for so many questions.. PFTZ!!! Your family is silly!! Especially Shash!
Ruth said…
Boy, Shash is a bit pushy, huh? Sounds like she needs recognition a lot!! Just kidding. I didn't come up with a question, I was trying to take it easy this weekend. Loved your answers!
Shash said…
I am pushy! It's ok, it comes with the territory of first born. Technically I'm the 3rd born but my older sisters are 8 and 9 years older making me 1st born. Whatever right?! I'm just glad you've said that you'll be out here again!!! :-)
Ruth said…
i agree. it's a DAILY deal.
moment by moment...and sometimes minute by minute surrender.

God is faithful.

PS LOVE the boobie story. AHHH! sooo funny. kids!
Elle*Bee said…
Thanks for answering my question. That's too funny!

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