Ask Lala... answers part 1

before I get to some of the answers (I will post on and off all weekend answering them), I just wanted to tell you what happened last night! About a little over an hour before J got home I could hear water running in the laundry room, but I was done doing I looked but didn't see any water so I went back and finished watching Survivor....then I came back upstairs and I could hear it running I checked again and then I looked into the garage thru the window and I couldn't was all I rubbed my eyes thinking oh man do I need an eye exam or what! but it was still foggy. I opened the door and the entire garage was misting and all the windows were fogged up and I there was water all over the I got a flash light went under the stairs out there and here a pipe had burst and water was spraying EVERYWHERE......I frantically called my neighbor but her hubby was not home...either was the other neighbor's I called one of my new friends (where I stayed the night when we had no power) and her hubby came rushing over and turned the water main off......I didn't have a clue where that was!!! then he looked where the burst was told me to start sweeping up some of the water and left to get parts to fix it....since we didn't know when J would be home.......before he got back J got a stressed out wife cuz water was everywhere............they fixed it together and I am so thankful for great neighbors! and that J was coming home! I can't imagine me trying to deal with it without him! in sub zero temperatures is an adventure....and I did say I wanted an adventure didn't I?!

ok question #1

Okay, here is one for you. My daughter Jane started Kindergarten this year and the kids are already talking about being boyfriends and girlfriends. How do you respond to your YOUNG daughter talking about having a boyfriend? She doesn't even know what that all means!Laura

well... this is a tough one cuz every family deals with the issue of boyfriends and girlfriends differently. We have decided that our girls are NOT allowed to date. They knew from very early on that they were not allowed to have boyfriends. So being that that is our stand point I would tell her that they all can be her "boy ~ friends"...... it is great to have friends that are boys but we don't call each other "boyfriend/girlfriend".... just be honest. I would mention that at her age she doesn't need to worry about that right now, just enjoy being friends with everyone.

question #2
Ok, I've got one for ya. As a mother of 4 what is your preference...epidural or natural? I've done both and my preference is epidural...but everyone's different! mom of 2

I never had an epidural with any of my deliveries. The whole idea of a needle in my spine was more than I could bare! Not that I had easy deliveries cuz I didn't they were quite long and brutal! the doc asked me if I wanted one and one time he was going to try to really force it cuz it was taking so long and I was in so much pain..... but I said no, no needle in my spine. I have seen a lot of women who had back problems after their epidurals, that scared me too! I did suck a LOT of gas and had the needle in my butt...feneral (sp?) I think it was?

question #3
You may have already told us this, but I don't remember. Q: What does your husband do for work that takes him away during the week? morning glory

My husband is a plumber. He is working as a foreman on a Weyerhauser plant being built in Northern Alberta. He is in charge of 3 crews of plumbers and pipe fitters. He works 10 days on and 4 days off. It is hard on all of us but it is getting a bit easier and we feel he is supposed to be there for right now...... I don't know how long he will be there for yet!

question #4
Where you live...what is the most common mode of transportation. Here where I live it is trucks and suv's.... yellow momma

We have moved to a trucker's town so there are tons of big rigs and since we are in the North....there are lots of trucks.....LOTS OF THEM! and now I drive one too! J bought me a GMC Sierra to replace the jeep cheroke he hit the deer with just over a month ago!

question #5
What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you? theresa

ok this is hard cuz it seems that my life is a living comedy with which God has given me a lot of grace to handle! What comes to mind right now is last week while I was out shopping with my Auntie in Costco, we walked buy the cd's for sale that have the sample player......Faith started pushing all the buttons as 4 year olds do and there is a best of the 80's set and Mony Mony came on and all of a sudden my sweet little 4 year old started rockin it seriously rockin...her leg was grovin so fast and she was dancing to the beat of the music and scrunched up her face like a rocker chick and started mouthing the words to the song..... my Aunt and I were holding ourselves laughing and she started gathering quite the was so funny and cute all rolled up into one!

I'll answer the rest soon... the kids and J are waiting for me to come watch the movie with them!


theresa said…
Thanks for your answers. I have lots of plumbers in my family.
Ruth said…
you are SO funny! love this!

i can relate to the DR nearing forcing the epi on ya. i had the same experience. i think he was a compassionate man and couldn't STAND to see a woman in pain.

but i held out. and i also LOVED, L-O-O-V-E-D the gas.

Looney Mom said…
I had 3 natural (very PAINFUL) births and one C-section (had a spinal for that). I mostly resisted the epidurals for the babies' sakes -- like they even care! Ha! The ungrateful brats! LOL!
Shash said…
Do you have a recipe for carrot/turnip mash?
Morning Glory said…
Well that was fun. I'm looking forward to the next part.
Shash said…
I had natural births for all 4, my first was 8lbs 1oz, then 8lbs 8oz, then 9lbs 14.5oz and then 10lbs 7.5oz. I had to have enough needles throughout my pregnancy because I'm A- (negative) blood and my hubby is A+ (positive). At the first birthing meeting before baby #1 was born I saw how huge that epi needle was and said no thanks. My births were over so fast and got better and easier the more I had.
mommaobrienx7 said…
What wonderful neighbors you have! What a blessing that they were able to help you out in your time of need.

Loved the questions and answers. I got here too late to post any! But I enjoyed reading your answers.
mom of 2 said…
Oh are one strong woman! I was scared to have an epidural with Emily, but after her labor/delivery I was all about getting an epidural w/ Travis.

Glad you got the pipe fixed!
Jessica said…
WOW...neat! You got a lot of questions didn't ya?!?

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