1 week till Christmas and a surprise home coming

I got a phone call tonight from J.....he is on his way home about 3 days early! Yahoo! I am so very happy but I was kind of caught off guard! I quickly...and frantically....cleaned scrubbed mopped vacuumed put laundry away washed dishes.......so he would come home to a clean house. phew it's done but I am exhausted. Over the weekend my house usually gets pretty um well disastrous would be the best word! I am happy to say however....that I am ALL done my shopping! I just have to wrap the stocking stuffers and 2 more presents! I still have some baking to do too but that won't take too long. I am so glad now that I am done with J coming home early! I can really enjoy my time with him without running around like a mad woman!

J is bringing someone home with him too! so yah fun! this guy is buying the snowmobile that we decided NOT to purchase but it is already at our house. He decided it wasn't a wise purchase right now as Morgan needs to get a horse before we get any unnecessary items. I am so proud of him! I think that was real wisdom! I don't know how long he will be staying with us but I would imagine after he loads it up he will be wanting to head home to his family!

Last night we had a street Christmas party. I had such a blast. Sandra is a hoot and she didn't disappoint last night! Every neighbor is really quite nice and I so enjoyed myself! The girls had a ball too playing and eating and eating and eating! At one point there was a mixup of who was who that is too long to explain but I was laughing so hard I was crying. The people on our street try to do this get-together once a year and I am so glad. It is so nice to know your neighbors.

Last weekend I went out for a "girl's night out" with my friend Sandi and Dawn. We went to see the movie "the holiday" with Jack Black ( love him) Kate Winslet (love her) Cameron Diaz (she's ok) and Jude Law (oh.my.gosh.LOVE.HIM hehe)....it was SO good and a real chick flick! it is a must see.....I think.......really really enjoyed it. Then after the movie we went to the washroom and Sandi and I were washing our hands waiting for Dawn and we could hear this voice calling Sandi? Sandi? we both kind of ignored it cuz we weren't sure what we were hearing then we look down the aisle of stalls and we can see Dawn over the stall waving at us calling SandiSandi..a little louder now. Dawn is about 6 feet tall so you can really see her over the top. Turns out the stall lock wouldn't open and she was stuck. She didn't want to crawl under cuz well YUCK and so Sandi and I were trying to twist the lock from the outside.....it wasn't working so then I said well just stick your arms underneath and we will pull you out.....snicker snicker snort....Sandi says hey legs just climb over the stall....snort snort snicker.....finally I lifted the door up a bit and whalla the lock turned and Dawn was freed.......so out of the movie theater bathroom is 3 grown women laughing hysterically....I again was crying I was laughing so hard....so so funny! A girl's night out we will not soon forget! so it's a good thing us women go to the bathroom in 2's and 3's....see there is a method to our madness!

Ok well I am going to go make my bed and then watch the devil wears prada till J gets here...he should be here around 1 am....... oh and it should be any day now when Shelby has her puppies. I will post pictures!


Wave's Word said…
I will definetly go to the washroom in 2's or 3's as it sounds like more fun.
Shash said…
Sounds like a fun night out with the girls, I like evenings like that. Is J home until the New Year? I have so so much to do yet and way not enough time, next year you can do my shopping for me k? I'm so not organized this year! It WILL be better next year!!!!!
Roo said…
happy wife
happy life
Meggles said…
The bathroom story is hilarious.
Can't wait to see the puppy pictures once she has them. That is so exciting!
girls night outs are so much fun! I really should pull some gals together and have one after the new year. Funny bathroom story!! so glad J is coming home early! I can never sleep when my hubby isn't home!
Yellow Mama said…
So, did you get any pics? Very cute design for your blog...by the way!
Nikkie said…
That is so great that he's coming home early. I love a good girls night out!
Looney Mom said…
How fun that you get to know your neighbors that way. And YAY! to J coming home. I hope you have a great time catching up!! I need a good girls' night out soon!!!
Judys stories said…
By the way love the hair. I'm glad you are further ahead then me. i'm almost done except my litle neices and nephews. shahers kids well done liam he was easy. found the cutest go diago shoes that light up. I have all my wrapping to do want to come help???? Like I said to shannon I never get it done before 2am on christmas morning. I even have to work at 6am this christmas yuk but will be home by 11am not to bad still have all my baking to do to.yuk oh well I still love the season. take care
Elle*Bee said…
Your girls' night out sounds like fun. I remember the days. Unfortunately, my younger female friends (my age or younger) have all moved to another state. My remaining female friends are a great lunch bunch, but I'm the 'youngster' among us so no late nights for us.

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