Wordless Wednesday....Christmas Breakfast

can I ever do a wordless wednesday? um if you know me you know that is pretty darn near impossible....yup I got it....the gift of the gab!

these pics are from the family Christmas Breakfast our community association put on on Sunday. I won 2 door prizes and we had a yummy breakfast and the girls got to make surprise Christmas craft presents for mom and dads.....it was a great morning! and of course my camera's battery died when it was Emily's turn and Morgan decided she was just too big to sit on Santa's knee!
These 2 still believe in Santa....the older 2 don't. We (shash and I) were never allowed to believe in Santa and somehow I felt that I was missing something as a child at Christmas time. I give the girls 1 present each from Santa and I get upset when the older ones try to tell the younger ones he isn't real. Some think this is lying to your children. I think it is just part of being a child and the wonder of it all. We emphasize that Christmas is about Jesus's birth in our home. They definitely know what Christmas is all about. I am going to have 2 trees this year. The kids have their own tree and I am going to have them write down on a piece of paper one of their "gifts or giftings" and put it on the tree every day. Then on Christmas morning they are going to read their gifts and thank Jesus for coming to earth and giving them their gifts. I want them to personalize what He did for them and what He has given them.

Do you let your kids believe in Santa? why or why not?


holli said…
I do/will - because I think you only get to believe in all things magical and fun for a little time in your life, then there's always the faction of spoilsports that feels the need to rain on your parade and tell you Santa isn't real. It's like the metaphor for life.

I don't associate things like that with religion - to me it's the magic of childhood. I have jewish friends that do santa. Santa = love.

Those pics are PRESH!! The last one is a mini-you!!!
redheads said…
We have done santa but not put a big emphasis on it. When my older two asked very early on if santa was real I didn't lie to them but told them the truth. THey do understand that people so believe and that is ok. I still put on one of the gift to each of the children FROM SANTA.

A friend also told me how she has explained SAnta to her children.... first of all they are Christians and have started a tradition of singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and have a birthday cake as not to forget that part of why we even celebrate Christmas. Second she says that Santa is one of Jesus' helpers that comes and brings us a present from Jesus becasue he is a giver and wants to give us all some kind of gift. I thought that this was a great way to expain it... cause God is a good giver.
Shash said…
I remember pulling the mall Santa's beard off when I was 5. And saying out loud, "you're not real".

We told our kids about the original "Santa" - that there was one a long time ago but not the red and white Coca Cola Santa - but never to ruin it for another child. Liam still insists that santa is real so we just let him have his fun. He also believe that Dora is a real girl...
Elle*Bee said…
Oh the tangled web we weave! :-) We do make Advent a big deal in our house, and emphasize that for us, Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ.

I've always been torn about when to spill the beans about Santa. My older two are 11 and 9 so they may know by now. Then again, I can see them thinking that there's no way Mom and Dad can afford all this stuff, so the Big Jolly Fella must exist! We sort of have a 'don't ask/don't tell' policy. As in: gee, if you don't believe in Santa, then he might as well skip our house. I suspect the older two know and are playing along. But at least they're not ruining it for my youngest, who's 4.

As for mall Santas, I told my kids that they were special Santa helpers since he can't be in every shopping center around the continent all the time AND still supervise the North Pole activities.

Kids are exposed to too much 'reality' these days. I don't see anything wrong with indulging in a little harmless fantasy. Others may disagree, to whom I say "bah humbug"! (kidding!)
Ruth said…
My kids believed in Santa. Like Elle*Bee, we tell them, if you don't believe in him then you just won't get any gifts from him...they all of a sudden believe again;) Cutie Pie is 4 and she still believes, the 2 older ones don't ruin it for her and they have a fun time pretending. Now they want to put presents in the stockings for the little ones too! I found out when I was 7, by peeking downstairs on Christmas Eve, that he wasn't real, but never said anything, cause I wanted to get the gifts!!

We have also told them the story of St. Nicholas and the traditions that surround him at this time of year, but our main focus is Jesus, cause without him there would be no need to celebrate!!
Looney Mom said…
That's a tough one for so many Christian families. I grew up believing in Santa Claus and it was so much fun. That didn't hinder me ever believing that Jesus is real. I think that the Spirit does His job in stirring the soul in such a way that you can't deny the reality/diety of Jesus -- well unless one has hardened their heart in the first place.

Dr. James Dobson addressed this topic here.

And of course I would love to make you a snowman template with all the bells and whistles you want!
Looney Mom said…
Look for a snowman image here then send me the link.
Morning Glory said…
Hey, I still believe in Santa!!! But then, I got started late in life.

When I was a kid, we weren't allowed to believe in or recognize Santa. When I had children of my own, we let them enjoy the celebration. Being a Christian home, we stressed the meaning of Christmas first. The part the included Santa was just the stockings on Christmas morning. That kept them from always looking for the "bigger and better" each year, and I think it helped downplay the Santa thing without making them as out of touch as I felt as a kid.
mom of 2 said…
Our kids both still believe in Santa. I think it's just such a magical thing to a child and I want them to experience that just like I did. We also place a lot of emphasis about what Christmas is really about, so they know the true meaning. Santa is just fun though!!
My kids believe that it is about Jesus 1st and they also believe that their is a Santa that is dress up and not magical, I get that from a friend Sheryl and we tell the kids that comprehend it is a game to play along with.
PaPa said…
I grew up having a hard time believing in Santa because our little and I mean little house didn't have a fireplace or chimney big enough for him to fit in. Besides I sort of knew my mom's handwriting - "To Dwayne from Santa" right!!!! then I got bigger
- well taller then I got bigger and when seeing some of the store Santa's - the one's who took smoke breaks - the false beard - I really had it figured out. Then I got bigger - and got married and had these 4 kids - I went to church and learned they had spelled his name wrong - it was really Satan -not Santa! Well did that guy really scare me and no way would I let my little darling girls be fooled - and besides our chimney was too small for the fat man to get down. Besides that our roof wasn't flat for the sled to rest on. I realy had it figured out by the time I was in my mid century age. Whoa! I no longer felt intimidated by the guy in red and white - I knew in myself I could give a better gift than he so what's to worry about? The next Christmas I would surprise all my girls showing I had NO FEAR and take their children to a christmas party and let them sit on Santa's knee! Boy I am glad I finally grew up into the man I am today! taaaraaa!!!!!

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