Wordless Wednesday.... of sorts

This is Mocha....this is what she does when I am at the computer....she attacks the screen...steps on the keyboard....and attacks my hands...I have the scratches to prove it! she is soooo cute! so now I sit with the keyboard on my lap so she doesn't lose my post (which happened once).
I am off to the doctors this afternoon, I was up till 2 am coughing and hacking so hard and not much is coming up cept for green stuff and blood....so I think there is an infection going on and I need to sleep!!! too hard to do this alone without J and not be sleeping and being sick on top of it. So thanks for your prayers.


Hey I interviewed one just yesterday and it was hillarious
he wanted 450 dollars for the initial visit, so I talked with Alden and Ruby because they had one.

Make sure you right out what you want done every time if you go with a service or private people.

I am asking for window and the surrounding wells. mopped bathrooms vacuuming and dusting every surface some make beds and dome don't
Hope you get well soon, praying for you
Shash said…
Your cat reminds me Auntie Elaine's cats. I'd be sneezing up a storm if that little one came near me, which still bewilders me cause we had cats all the time while growing up.

Remember when budgeting this cleaning in... that all other things are taken care of first. You don't want to take from necessary things like savings, bills or even tithes... One day I will have one but right now, even with two good incomes... it just won't work - unless we cut cable and internet, which I'm not willing to part with.
Heidi said…
Get well soon! That housekeeper will sure make a difference and you'll be able to get a proper recovery. ADORABLE LITTLE KITTIE!!!
Elle*Bee said…
Hope you're feeling better soon!
PaPa said…
here kitty kitty kitty come to PaPA - I can hear myself saying.
Cats are good mousers - especially when living in the country.
Necko is missed and it seems like we have an unwelcome boarder in the house.
James called to say Jennifer is expecting in June!!!!!!
You being "Wordless" - never!!!!!
love ya
mommaobrienx7 said…
Mocha is beautiful! Thanks for introducing us to her. Hope you are feeling better.
Dawn said…
I've been catching up on your life a bit - very hectic and doing it alone and not feeling good and overactive little girl and breakdowns of cars and things in the house - WOW! I sure hope you feel better soon and things calm down a bit.
mom of 2 said…
That is the cutest little kitty!!!

I'm sick too...ugh! Hope you are better soon!
Meggles said…
Cute kitty....Hope you feel better soon, its no fun being sick.
Anonymous said…
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Wave's Word said…
Hi we had the same battle with the coughing. Pray for the end to the hacking cough. My darling youngest daughter's cat,Sadie loves to beat up any dangling legs or arms.
theresa said…
Hi LaLa,

I'm sorry you are sick again....please get tested for Mono.

You cat is beautifull.

Wow, a cleaning service....so jealous.
mommaobrienx7 said…
Where are you LaLa? Missing you in blogland! :)

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