Weekend ramblings and finding a new church

I am so happy that the weekend is here! It was such a busy week! It was so nice having my Aunt here from Tues-Fri! it was nice having adult conversation and having someone else around. So to any friends and family reading this please know that you are welcome anytime! We also bottled our wine yesterday together, we each ordered a batch of red and white so now we have 4 different types of wine! it is the best way to make your own wine! and cheaper too!

Today it is -18 and we have so much snow the girls are just getting all bundled up to go play outside with our neighbors to play on their new sleds. It really is a winter wonderland and so beautiful but really really coooollllld.

Last night I went next door for a fondue party. It was so great cuz J and I always had a fondue party with a great group of friends and this year we were missing out. I was bummed and so was so thankful when I got the phone call to go over. We played the "ungame" around the dinner table. I had never heard of it before but it was fun....hey Sandra....it was the "fungame"!! hehehe.....you read a question or statement off the card and then talk about it....like "what was your favorite childhood teacher and why"....it was a great conversation starter and we laughed so hard when it came to our most embarrassing moments. My blog came up and it was asked if last night was going to be on it......I said yup.....so here it is! Ian, Melissa and Vince and Sandra and Steve...... thanks for a great night and not making me feel like a fifth wheel! again God has blessed me with fantastic neighbors and really great friends in the making! Melissa is the one who told me about the little lingerie store where I bought the girls their new homes! so a wonderful tip off for me, and the girls are really thankful LOL.....and they said I do look like I have lost weight! so cool!

Today I am planning on doing nothing but drinking coffee and doing some crafts. I have just a week to get finished and with J coming home next weekend and the general Christmas busy'ness I am feeling crunched for time. Tomorrow morning I am taking the girls to a Christmas breakfast and Santa will be showing up.....again something we did at home with nana and papa every year and I was feeling sad that we were missing it and now we still get to do something very similar.

I have decided to look for a new church. I discovered that I am finding myself very placent about whether I go to church or not and I know that is not a good thing. Morgan was upset about it and I talked to J and said well maybe I should just stick it out for her but he said no you need to be fed too. So off I go searching. The reason I think I am not really happy there is I find it really scripted. By scripted I mean that I find that keeping to the clock is the most important thing. For example one day in the worship I turned and looked up and there was someone holding a sign that read "one minute" and the same happened during the message part. I know people have schedules and are busy but I really get frustrated when the clock dictates the service over the Holy Spirit. I also feel like, come on people it is 1 morning a week! you can't sit for 1 morning a week ??? crazy to me. I miss free worship where the real worship leader is the Holy Spirit. I miss messages that are from the heart and from personal experience over something that is being read word for word from their notes. A tidy little sermon is better than no sermon but I want something to chew on, something that I can apply to my everyday life and that pushes me out of my little box and comfort zone. I miss my little church back in Abbotsford where I found there really can be a church that was like the first church in the beginning. I miss the family that it was and the freedom that was there. I miss my girls being taught that they hear from the Lord and being able to share what they heard. So on the search I go.

Well I should go the girls just came back in with beet red faces and Hailey was fighting with one of the neighbor children.... oh the joys.

Have a great weekend


Ruth said…
oh wow, that scripted stuff is sad. i totally hear your heart.

my heart longs for MORE. I think we have not even begun to taste what He has for us.
Shash said…
Are they on radio or TV? That would be the only reason we would have a sign... I have tapped my watch a few times on Dave but he was just going on and on and on... ;-) None of us wear watches anymore in church! I hope you find a spiritual home soon. You are so right that church is way more than a place we just show up to once a week, it's an extension of our family. Great things come from being in a place where we can lay down our lives for each other and where we can do some serious growing. I wouldn't want to just "exist".

p.s. We're still having the warmest fall ever - we must have switched places with the west coast!
Morning Glory said…
Good luck on the church hunting. I can't imagine someone holding up time signs! I think I'd look elsewhere too.
Heidi said…
Sorry to hear about your church, especially when you thought you found 'the one'. Hope you find your perfect place! Your winter wonderland sounds heavenly. I am waiting and waiting for the snow to finally fall here, it's been so warm which is unusual in this part of the country at this time. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
holli said…
It sounds like you have found so much joy - I'm so happy for you. Your thanksgiving sounds wonderful - I wanna come visit! And the winter wonderland - I can only dream. I LOVE snow!!

I know what you mean about finding a church. But you'll end up where you belong!
mom of 2 said…
The fondue party sounds like fun...I'm sure it's good to get out with hubby being gone and all!!

I do hope that you are able to find a church that works for you all! Before I found the church we go to now I went to a church (only for 2 weeks) that was like that. It was very prim and proper and seemed so fake to me. Anyway, good luck in your search!!

Hope you have a great week!!

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