Singing in the shower

ok I know you all do it. I do it too. I sing in the shower. I pray in the shower and it is where I get some of my best thinking done. Saturday morning I was singing away in the shower and for some reason the sound was so clear, almost echoing but I could hear myself really clearly. It was pretty amazingly clear and loud...... yes..... I sing loudly in the shower. I was singing I love you Lord, and I felt Him impressing on my spirit something that I almost forgot until I was just singing in the shower again this morning. I have to write this stuff down or I will forget!

I was singing away and listening to the clarity of my voice and was amazed at how good it sounded. That old saying everyone sounds good in the shower came to mind and I thought wow it is true. Now while I can carry a tune and sing some harmonies I am no way a solo singer. I will leave that to Xangelle and her younger sister Deb....they are amazing!!! but I can hold my own and am good in a small choir. Anyways I was belting out "and I lift my voice" and I felt the Lord saying to me........ "this is how I hear you, clearly and beautiful. I relish in the praises of My people. I don't hear your insecurities or your flat notes. I hear your heart." I had goosebumps. I had the realization of how many of us are so used to what we hear that we assume that is what the Lord hears as well. We think He sees all our faults and blemishes, our imperfections and how off tune we are. He doesn't. He sees the beauty He created. He sees what He intended for us and longs for us to open our ears and eyes to how He created us and to become that very thing. He doesn't hear the flat notes or the sharp notes or the squeaks and sudden key changes. He sees the plans that He made for us are good and to give us a hope and a future. He sees the beginning from the end. He hears our praise as sweet incense. He longs for us to praise and worship Him with our hearts.

So next time you are singing in the shower remember He is there and listening and loves what He hears.


Mama Lorna said…
Amazing post. Really made me stop and say, SPEAK TO ME LORD!! He loves all the insecurities we have and uncertain things in our lives. We serve an awesome God.
holli said…
I would say He probably would tell me to go play an instrument.. and remember He gave me other accomplishments.

Again - another inspirational post.

theresa said…
I always love when people get up to sing in front of the church and they are off me that means that they are doing it only to glorify the Lord, not just because they can sing.

Great post.
Shash said…
That's great La, a really good post I needed to hear!
Morning Glory said…
Good stuff, Lala!!
Looney Mom said…
Very cool. He just wants to hear our hearts - AMEN!
Elle*Bee said…
I've always figured that God must like variety (i.e., the off-key, as well as the perfectly pitched) otherwise we'd allhave voices like angels. ;-) Vive la difference!
I so believe that and I am glad that the lord enjoys my singing as much as I love to sing to him and yes i know I am not as great as I think but I don't care what others think around me and if anyone ever comments to me during praise and worship time I would have some words for them boy o boy,

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