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Thanks for all your compliments! my house looks 300x better! and from now on I will hire painters to do such big jobs! if it took 2 guys a full week to paint it then it would have taken little ol'me 5 x longer and a lot more stress!

J is coming home tomorrow I am so excited. He is leaving in the morning cuz the roads are so bad. We have so much snow but I have to say that I would take this over the crazy weather the coast and fraser valley is getting! like any day! the snow is not so hard to drive in with 4 wheel drive or snow tires and they are so awesome at keeping the roads clear......much better than what I am used too!

Hailey got sent to the principal's office on Tuesday for yah great eh?! I was a little shocked and I have been thinking about it all week..... like how to deal with it......and then this morning as I was cleaning my bathroom (buying stuff on e-bay!! ok can we say addicted) I remembered that I myself had a few trips to the principal's office! yup guess I know where she gets that strong sense of injustice from! I got in trouble for speaking out in class and raising my voice at my teacher. I actually got the strap! yup member the days they gave the strap out at school?!! I had it a few times! I don't know what my parents thought about it...... things were kind of different back then. I think I would be mad if I found out my child got the strap at school! I asked today at the office what the protocol for that kind of stuff is, since she told me not the school. I was told that it really wasn't that bad and if it was something on a continuing basis or serious then I would have been contacted right away. I felt better but wonder how she is at school! she has been bothering her big sister's at lunch and I think generally just having the hardest time adapting. This is also her first year of full school days so I think that adds to it as well. I get frustrated with her so easily but it seems the more I remember what I was like the more I am realizing the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree.......and I think we are a lot like my dad aka papa!! he got into trouble at school too......think I see a pattern here with focusing! hmmmm so I bought some Barley Green today on his persistence to help our immune systems and boost our system. I also bought some frozen fruit and will be adding the powder to the smoothies for all of us for breakfast. I am planning to take her and I to the Naturalpath sometime I just cringe at the $$$ that will cost. The big thing of powder I bought was $105.00 and will last us some time.......I want to try this first and see how it works before I spend hundreds on testing and more tonics pills and powders.

I am officially the DPAC rep for our PAC. I am glad to be helping and involved, really for the first time ever and my oldest is in grade 7! but with little ones it is hard! I also signed up for a few committee's so staying busy and I feel good about that.

Ok well I have to clean the house since I did not hire a house keeper at all.........just too much money and there are other things I could do with that $. I will most likely not post again this weekend since J will be home but I will be by here and there to visit my fav bloggers.

Have a great weekend!


Mama Lorna said…
Hey, I used to fight all the time. I even beat up Kevin a few times, but don't tell him that as he will deny it all. I got into a fight at one of Kevin's hockey games with a player from the other team. Well, he was bothering my brother and I just don't put up with that. I won of course. The rep stopped the game. It was pretty crazy. Have an awesome weekend. Give my love to J
mommaobrienx7 said…
I was reading the last few posts I missed. Your home is beautiful! Great job with everything.

Glad J will be home soon. Enjoy your time with him!
PaPa said…
PaPa says;
Hey - I was always a real good student, From grade 1 on I would chase the girlies and try to kiss them; put a bobby pin in my desk and twang, twang away; write notes on my palm for tests; then in the upper grades after a nights work I would dose off - head down on desk. Got in fights in elementary school - in grade 3 I was beating up grade 6 guys. I never started a fight but knw how to end one.
I was set to marry my grade 3 teacher (my grade 1 and 2 teachers were older than my mom - so I knew that wouldn't do. But my grade 3 one was a winner from the get go.. I figured putting lots of brylcream in my hair - like pasted down - would surely get her attention. Not! Could understand why she wouldn't be interested in me???? So what if she was years older. Well I got over it after I left the school. In grade 7 I ended up with my aunts sister as my home room teacher - at that time I didn't care much for this aunt of mine - let alone her sister. Well I did get in a lot of trouble with her. Had to spend several times doing a detention standing outside the classroom. Sure glad to get to grade 8. Grade 8 - a different real old school - did the twang thing again. Got the strap.
that's enough. Actually I was really good.
Shash said…
How come I have to read this stuff on Lala's blog to know what kind of stuff my Dad got in to?? ;-) I knew about the girl chasing thing but that's about it!

I got the strap in grade 3 or was it 4?. It was for looking over a divider during a test - or was it for rolling my eyes... and almost again for calling Russell R, "Brussel Sprouts". The next time the principal called me into his office I threw up on him. I was so nervous. I had a real hard time with authority - afraid of them - for the longest time, could never stand up for myself. I remember once, on my way to the office, walking past the kitchen of the church basement and seeing Mom there, I gave her the "Help me" look but she didn't rescue me. I still remember it like it was in slow motion.

Wow, what a walk down memory lane. Have a great weekend with the man and the girls!!
Ruth said…
Oh, the things we learn through blogging!! I don't remember going to the principals office, though I am sure I did at some point. I was the kid who always made people laugh, if someone was upset the teacher would tell me and the kid to go and talk in the hallway...they always came back happy...maybe that's where the people pleasing thing came from!!
hey i was also a scrapper and I made it through and there was no strap when I went to school, you guys all make me feel so young thanks,

mom of 2 said…
Oh, the principals office...I have to admit I had to go there a time or two...or! I try to remember when I was a kid when my kids get in trouble and if it's a first offense cut them some slack. It's hard for me though because I want them to act right and all of that stuff, but I know it really would have meant a lot to me if my parents would have said how they understood it's not always easy to be quiet in class or whatever it was I got in trouble for. It's good that you remembered how it was when you were in school...if nothing else maybe it will show her that you can relate to her!

Have a great weekend with your hubby!!!
Ruth said…
have fun cleaning....
i should be doing THE SAME THING.

have fun with your hubby!
shalom to your home....
Shash said…
So how was your weekend????
Looney Mom said…
Oh I hear ya on the "apple not falling far from the tree." I'm my father's daughter and my kids definitely have a lot of their mama in them! Not good a lot of the time! Good luck with handling that situation.

I do remember getting paddled in the 4th grade by the principal for fighting! It was a long while before I did that again!

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