My grandparents wedding day 1939

sorry the picture is so small I couldn't get it to post it any bigger. This is my dad's parents married in 1939, if you didn't read yesterday's post then please do so, it is a little about my grandma. Today the painter will be totally finished so I will take some pics and post them tomorrow.

We had a wind storm last night and lost power for over 2 hours. It was a little freaky as you could hear trees falling and I was SO thankful that J cut down the bettle pine that was close to our house when he was here last! If a bettle pine tree does damage the Insurance companies will not cover it because they are basically standing dead trees and your responsibility to take down. If you didn't know we are having a pine tree epidemic here in BC and I think parts of Alberta too. The beetles live in the pine trees but the cold winters usually kill them.....well with the warmer winters we have been having they haven't been dying and have killed all the pine.....ALL of it! We still have some wind today and it is snowing really hard right now. I love this snow I don't think I will get tired of it!

ps: has anyone out there recently switched to the new version of blogger? they say all your content will stay the same but I am nervous!


mom of 2 said…
It has been crazy windy here, too! A cold front started coming through sometime last night and the wind today is just insane!!! I can see the shingles blowing off of my neighbors house!

I'm scared of the new blogger, too, and haven't switched yet! I hear it's ok, but I'm chicken!
Kristen said…
I'm way to nervous to switch to the new blogger. I'm actually contemplating a switch to word press, but I don't know.

We had massive rain here last night, too, but I'm nowhere near where you are. Weird.

love the pic of your grandparents!
Ruth said…
We are having a beautiful day here today. no rain or sonw (yet). I have switched my blog over to wordpress, and it imports so easy, but it said the blogger beta would not transfer. I haven't been using the wordpress yet, just playing around with it right now. That is about all I know!!
Elle*Bee said…
I haven't tried the New Blogger yet, either. I was waiting for someone else to try it out and let me know what they think of it (I'm chicken!) Pine beetles are a big problem where I live too (southeast Louisiana, USA). We lost a lot of trees in my area to Hurricane Katrina last year, and now it seems the beetles are trying to finish the job.
Morning Glory said…
I got the same notice about switching to the new version of blogger, but I'm just not messing with what I have. go for me. I don't think we're required to switch and I think it's beta blogger, which so many people have struggled with.

That's a really wonderful wedding picture.
Shash said…
I was wondering about the new blogger but I thought I'd too wait until someone else tried it!!

Daryl looks a lot like Grandpa Trueman! At least in that photo.

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