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Today is a stat holiday here in BC, my kids don't have school and most stores are closed.....including the car rental place which I thought I was supposed to take the SUV back this morning, so I got up and had a shower all before 9 am.....ON A HOLIDAY!!! and so I called just to make sure they had another vehicle ready for me and.......... they are closed! so yahoo I don't have to drive to town (all of a 15-20 min drive). I don't normally mind going to town cuz it really isn't that far but today I am wanting to take it easy some more as I am still fighting the lingering effects of the infection.

I have been sewing like a mad woman again this weekend, so you know I am feeling better!!! I didn't sew at all last week and this craft fair I am in is coming fast! So far I have made about 18 purses and 5 scarves....... I bought all the fleece stuff but all the craft fairs I have been too up here have all had the same fleece hats...... so I am not sure if I should bother? But then what to do with all that fleece??? I have about 20+ yards of it!! I think maybe after the craft fair I might make some of them into Christmas presents. Morgan and Emily and Hailey are making a craft to sell too. I told them they have to pay me back for at least 1/2 the cost of the materials and then they can keep the profit. Morgan is making wine rings... you know what you put on your wine glasses when you have people over to tell who's wine is who's. Emily is making cute little reindeer Christmas tree ornaments and Hailey is going to help me make Candy cane bark. I will take pictures of them when they are all done..... and to any family reading this.... yes what doesn't sell you will be getting for Christmas LOL!!!

Since I was so sick this week I watched TV during the day..... something I never do. I watched the show Rachel Ray for the first time and I have to say I LOVED it! I think I may just try to catch a few of her shows a couple of times a week! She is so down to earth and has great EASY recipe's! She has a whole category of 30 minute recipe's that is my kind of recipe! so if you haven't seen the show and you like cooking and getting great ideas then check it out. She had this lady on with great ideas for a children's party!! cheap and easy and fun.... example - rip out coloring pages from a coloring book to use as placemats and put some crayons on the table so they can color while they are sitting there! totally brilliant and easy and why didn't I ever think of that before???? so check it out and let me know what you think!

3-4 nights till J comes home! he is not sure if he is going to come home after work on Thursday or wait till Friday morning.....depends on the weather I guess, we have lots of snow and where he is further North they have loads! I can't wait till he gets home! I am trying/working on getting the girls to help more.... I am getting a lot of resistance but I think we will slowly make some progress.

J found me a new vehicle. The jeep is confirmed a write off which makes me a bit sad cuz I really liked it. The good news is that surprise of surprises' ICBC is giving us WAY more than we ever thought! So that is a huge answer to prayer. I really wanted to get a newer vehicle and J said no. He doesn't want to get a loan. I know he is right BUT hehehe I really wanted one! One with low kms and no problems!! He said we are going to buy a truck off a guy that works under him. It is a 2000 chevy silverado (what J has and I had been driving since moving here - it is HUGE and takes 2 parking spots - not my favorite to drive - it makes me feel like Lilly Tomlin's character where she is a little girl sitting in a huge oversized rocking chair!) anyways this one has auto locks and doors which is a step up from J's! and it is a short box so it isn't as long as his is. I told him he has to put running boards on it so I don't have to lift Faith into it (she is like at least 50 pounds and that is hard on my back!). The guys is also throwing in a snowmobile in with it, so that is cool and J said we are getting a wicked deal. The truck has high kms but is in perfect shape...... so...... I will honor my hubby and not go into debt for a newer car that I want! He is a wise man so I need to honor that. In the spring he said that we can look at getting a newer expedition or suburban for me. He is right that we have fencing to do and a horse to buy for Morgan (that was promised)..... she is more important than me getting a newer vehicle when I can have one that we can pay cash for! I knew I married him for good reasons!!


Mama Lorna said…
Hey there. Glad you are feeling better. I have had a very busy weekend. I am glad today is a day of laundry, cleaning and just hanging with me hubby
Nikkie said…
I got thrown by the stat holiday too. Everything around my town was closed on Saturday and we had time off of school on friday so I figured it was all over with today!
redheads said…
Its good to honor our husbands even though we may not want to at times. Hey at least you will have a vehicle to get from point A to B and no detb to boot.

Have fun making the crafts with the kids. What great experiences for them.

I would love another vehicle but the finances don't allow for it at this time. We will get one eventually.

Thanks for your comments, I will pray about it for sure.
Amber said…
I LOVE Rachel Ray but have never watched her new show. Something about it being on at the same time as Sesame Street. And guess who wins that battle?...
Ruth said…
Oh, I have been watching Rachel Ray's new show for a while. I also watch her 30 minute meal show...I love her style and ease of cooking such nice things...maybe one of these days I will actually make one!!
Shash said…
I also enjoy Rachel Ray, I buy her magazines, "Everyday" and have watched her 1/2 hour cooking shows on the Food Network for a few years, she has incredibly easy recipes. Oprah is backing her, you can tell, her magazine is done the same way as "O". She has a few good cookbooks out too. I don't get to watch her new 1 hour show as I'm back to work now!!

Cool news about the snowmobile thing, that's awesome. My S-I-L's family all have one, it's a necessity north of here. We didn't have a holiday for Rememberance Day - Ontario sucks! The banks were closed but the schools were open and because I work at the school board... I had to work!

p.s. I'm looking forward to my christmas present!!!!
mom of 2 said…
So glad you are feeling better!! All of the crafts sound so cute...can't wait to see pics! Have you thought of making those tie blankets with the fleece? Those are so cute and make great gifts! If you don't know what they are im me and I'll try to explain it!

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