Lala and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

I love this book.....always been one of my favorites....not so much fun to live out that kind of day but alas it happens to all of us and today well.......this week actually has been terrible horrible no good very bad!

I have had good times too, fun moments with the girls. I have just had an overwhelming amount of friction with them too! Especially one of them. She seems to be having a harder time adjusting I think. It's Hailey if you didn't already know. She is my most challenging child and the most misunderstood by others, and me pretty much too if I am wanting to be completely honest.
DISCLAIMER ~ Please note 1. this blog is really theraputic to me 2. I need to vent sometimes 3. please know that this is not how I feel ALL the time, just right now!
I took the girls to the doctor this morning. Emily is fine her lungs are clear so that is good, she has HUGE tonsills and this doctor said 2 times of having infection and they will take them out! Morgan's toe nail is almost cut off to the root! so it is definitely going to fall off and he said so far so good, no infection so that is also good. Hailey is being tested for a parasite and once her stomach troubles are cleared up he said we should send her to a peditrician to get some testing, whether it is ADD or ADHD or even asperger's I don't know and I have always been pretty anti-medicating kids. Having said that if the child is having a hard time functioning and so are you....then I am not sure you are doing anyone any favors! It is hard to know what to do. Trying to get her to complete a single task takes FOREVER even with me standing there with her prompting her and reminding her.....she is SO easily distracted. I have had her eyes and ears tested... there is nothing wrong with them. She can focus at school...on one thing at a time, the problem is her transitioning to the next thing, she feels a very strong need to finish what she is doing. At home getting her to do her homework also is a very long process....she gets lost into doing something else very quickly, especially drawing, she loves to draw. She has drawn on the walls, lamp shades, dolls, books, my books, sheets and pillow cases, headboards, dressers..... you name it! she has drawn on it...mostly her name too! even driving in the car she is quiet when I give her a pen and a napkin! anything to draw. Her teacher said she mostly spends her free time sitting at her desk and drawing too.

going to have to finish this later. my truck is ready at the shop.......between all this with the kids and my fridge leaking recking part of my hard wood flooring sub flooring and leaking into the tv room underneath it, the accident J was in, trying to get our truck fixed properly from the accident J had in Aug, the washing machine (hot water) leaked and now the carpet in the next room is wet the floor in the laundry room is now bubbling and the crawlspace beside Morgans room is dripping!!! um oh ya and one of the garage door openers is not working properly........I would say that things have been pretty terrible horrible no good and very bad!!!

to be cont'd..............well...........hopefully next time I will happy! and J is coming home tomorrow so that always makes things better! he is taking the bus so if you think of him tom. pray for a safe trip.


Mama Lorna said…
There is never a dull moment when you have kids. Some days I am so thankful that mine is 18 and she looks after herself. (well, for the most part) Just keep doing what you are doing. You are an amazing mom and don't think anything different
Wave's Word said…
We never know how fabulous we are in the moment. So I'll tell you. You are FABULOUS, MARVELLOUS AND HILLARIOUS. WAIT - Fabulous in your ability to give each child the attention and correction and nurturing in the right dose. Marvellous in your observation of the Love language of each child. Hillarious in the sharing and recording of your family daily dance thereby coping and teaching others how to cope. I've enjoyed and learned and also, remembered my own family daily antics in a more positive light. God Bless
cheryl said…
You will deserve to join us on our next Ladies trip for sure!!!

will pray for sure
Jessica said…
My kid loves drawing...she could draw all day I think. LOL

Listen...some days are worse than others...but there is always a brighter side somewhere along the just have to reach it first. Keep your head up! :)
mom of 2 said… troubles and car troubles at the same time??? I feel for you...that stinks!!!

I have a friend whose little boy sounds very similar to your daughter. She took him to a psychiatrist and he just wanted to medicate him without testing or anything and she is really against medicating children. She found a natural remedy that he takes and even his teacher totally noticed a difference and she didn't even tell the teacher about it! She has been so amazed at his progress! He still needs some direction, but he is completing his work and is having a much easier time at school!

Hope you are having a better day today!!

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