jean purses pictures and a new home for the girls

ok finally! whew.... I have had another day of running around and shopping with my Auntie. I got a few more Christmas presents and got the girls a new home!

Too much information alert!!......................................

I have never been "fitted" before!! I was somewhat surprised to find out that I am not a D...I am not even a DD ..uh hem..... I am an E....yup an E 36 like so I bought the girls 2 new homes for just under $200!!! the most I have ever spent on a bra before was like $20 and I really liked the fields $5 specials... totally all the wrong sizes and not giving me the support I need and I have had visions of me looking like my maternal grandmother with rocks in the end of VERY stretched out tube socks! the girls' new homes should ensure that they stay put for many a year to come. Actually the lady told me they are in pretty good shape considering I have nursed 4 babies totaling 56 months = over 4 years!!! They are actually pretty too and not like the ones I used to laugh at and put my entire face in when I was a little girl in Kmart! yah these are actually pretty and make me stand taller. My Auntie said she was amazed at how much taller I stood in them and they made me look like I instantly lost 10 pounds! amazing what happens when the girls "sit" where they are supposed too! hahaha!

anyways we had a lot of fun together and got lots accomplished and both came home totally wiped out! ate some dinner and drank a glass of wine and are now relaxing!

so the following are some pictures of the purses that I have made. I have more than this, this is just a sample but I have more to do and the craft fair is Dec 3rd so I am starting to feel like I am running out of time!!! I really like how they turned out. I hope they are well liked. It is fun for me creating stuff and holding material and seeing what it will become. I really don't like patterns and love seeing something being finished!! something you know that doesn't happen around a house full of children.... hopefully you can get a good idea what they look like, it is dark so I had to take them under the brightest light I have.

PS ~ we have almost a foot of snow up here! it has been snowing for over 24 hours straight! the roads are slippery and we have had some white out conditions.....BUT.... I still prefer this over the rain the Coast is getting :)


Ruth said…
I really need to get 'fitted' too. But I don't know that I am ready to find out my real size.... The purses are really cute, you are so handy, I am going to learn how to crochet and I am so excited, maybe I will have something cool to post when I have finished a project.
Looney Mom said…
I wouldn't know anything about being "fitted". Boo hoo. "The girls" - too funny!

Those purses are so cute! I hope you get 'em all done and ready in time. Good luck with that.
Shash said…
After nursing my 4th kid... I have NOTHING to get "fitted"!!! I'm serious! I'm smaller than I was when I was 13. My hubby is wondering when "the girls" are coming back.

p.s. You don't have "girls"... you have "women"! I have "girls". ;-)

Love the purses, especially the ones with beading. I think I've touched my sowing machine twice it it's lifetime... I need lessons.
redheads said…
My HUbby keeps on telling me that I should get the "Girls fitted" But I really don't want to pay that much for their proper homes. Under $25.00/ house is enough for me. Maybe when we have a better income I will look into that.(Should be in March)

I love the purses... especially the ones with beads.... too cool.

Have fun with the snow we have a high of 9 today and the same for the rest of the week. I love this weather. I don't want snow. I have to walk to get kids from school with at least 3 under 3 in tow. Not fun with big snow suits.
Mama Lorna said…
The purses look amazing. I am very impressed. Good job my friend. I am glad the girls have found a new home. Syd is always telling me that I need to go to Dianna's, a bra place on Granville, near Broadway. Maybe when I win the lottery. Have an awesome weekend
Morning Glory said…
What a hoot (no...not hooters) this post was. When you first mentioned "the girls", I thought you might be talking about your dogs. This was a great laugh. Putting your face in one in Kmart made me laugh! Funny, funny, funny!!

Really cute purses, too!
mom of 2 said…
I know what you mean about the girls homes being expensive! You and I are about the same in that department!

I love the purses!! I especially like the ones with the beaded cute!! I bet you'll sell all of them!
Jenmomof4 said…
cute purses. So how much are you going to seel them for at the craft fair? Glad you got homes for the girls!! Us moms always slack on getting the stuff we need and we make sure everone else in the house has what they need. You go girl!!!

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