having a great weekend

we are having such a great weekend together....and as a family....it has been going slowly thank goodness! he leaves tomorrow.....not looking forward to that. He is just out at Home Depot right now getting some wood to fix the kennel.....to keep the dogs IN......not sure what is going to happen with the dogs.....Shelby (springer spaniel) is most likely pregnant.....great eh?! she will be due at Christmas time......I don't know what to think about that!!.....maybe getting a nanny will help.....we talked about it this weekend and I am either going to hire a housekeeper or a nanny......which would you choose?
EDITED **** the nanny would be more of a live in housekeeper!! I don't really need someone to take care of the kids....but someone to help with the cleaning.....so I should re-word that to live in housekeeper/babysitter(when needed and Morgan isn't available) or 2-3 x a week cleaner come in???****


Xangelle said…
I'd go with the house keeper so that you can free up your time and energy to invest in your kids.

Just my two cents worth.
Morning Glory said…
I'd go with the housekeeper too! I'm sure your kids would enjoy your undivided attention.
PaPa said…
Well it's good to see you both - from a distance although!!!! that is for Mom and I.
Fixing the kennel - a good thing.
Fixing the dogs might also be in store.
I wonder if each girl was given a little area of the house to tend besides their bedroom - not everything in those areas but enough to spread the load, an allowance given to each- different levels, you might find the balance easy to handle.
I enjoy reading the blogs - keeps me updated and fills in gaps from the past. I figure they take some time to not only post but to read each others - hopefully not at the cost of doing other things. a thought??????
This is written from the man who loves you all - BIG MUCH
Looney Mom said…
A live-in housekeeper would be nice! I'd do that for sure. Just make sure she's ugly! LOL!

And the two of you are just a beautiful couple.
Wave's Word said…
I agree with Daddio but I would add the housecleaner once or twice a month and a babysitter same for you to go out to refresh yourself. You two are a nice looking couple. Your doing a great!
Shash said…
Getting an extra hand every once in a while is a good thing, I'd love a housekeeper - just to do the big cleans that I don't like to do - you know... washing the baseboards, inside the drawers and cupboards, windows (outside), walls. The clutter you can learn and teach the kids to control, then it won't seem so out of control and everywhere which is overwhelming and stressful to our systems.

p.s. My kids help out tons (without an allowance) and I don't spend a ton of time blogging and I still would love a housecleaner!
mom of 2 said…
Wow, you guys look FABULOUS!! Glad you are having a good weekend!!

I'd go with a housekeeper! I'll do just about anything to get out of cleaning! That would be so nice to have someone else clean the bathrooms and do the sweeping, vacuuming and mopping!!
Morning Glory said…
I'd still go with the housekeeper, but not a live-in one.
Mama Lorna said…
I would go for the house cleaner. That way you can spend more time with the kids yourself. Great picture of the two of you
Jessica said…
I think the housekeeper is great and the nanny has some advantages too...hmmm...decisions, decisions!
Heidi said…
Oh a nanny would be SOOOO wonderful, I've thought of that many times. It seems to be the thing folks are doing these days. I love the beautiful photo of you guys (and where did you get the painting on the wall!? SOO west coast isn't it??)
Elle*Bee said…
What a great picture! I also vote for the housekeeper, but I don't think I couldn't handle another person living under my roof. Since I can't afford household help, I put the boys to work. They do a lot of the little chores (w/o being paid), so I can tackle the big ones.
Xangelle said…
I'd still go with someone who came in and cleaned house. I really wouldn't want to deal with the extra inter-personal relationships that another person would bring into the mix. I like to be able to walk around my house in my ginch if I feel like it. Not that I do regularly, but you know what I'm saying. That's just my opinion, though. Do whatever works best for you.
cheryl said…
hope you enjoyed your time

I know for sure how hard cleaning is
we spent very little time together this weekend between soccer and cleaning the walls and baseboards

I am interviewing cleaners
I can do upkeep but need extreme help I was in shock
holli said…
Can I just say that I don't think I've seen very many pictures of you since you've been posting.. and you are just about the cutest!! You are such a precious couple.

Keep the dogs in - I'm trying to figure out how to do the same thing myself. You would think these dogs would know they were living the good life - and wouldn't ever want to leave!!

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